Ant-Man Crawls Into Theatres Next Weekend

Marvels latest superhero movie, Ant-Man, will be released on July 17th. But the cast and fans everywhere are already gearing up for the movie. Ant-Man is based on the Marvel Comics character and distributed by Walt Disney. It is a highly anticipated film that has been in the works since 2006.

Courtesy of Marvel.

Courtesy of Marvel.

The film, directed by Peyton Reed stars Paul Rudd as Ant-Man. I have a hard time seeing Rudd as a superhero so it will be interesting to see him as Ant-Man. Rudd also helped write the screenplay. Michael Douglas, Corey Stroll, Evangeline Lilly and Michael Pena star in the film as well.

The premise of the movie is sort of interesting, but still can’t get past the fact that Rudd is Ant-Man. The movie takes places months after the events that took place in the latest Avengers movie. Thief Scott Lang must help his mentor and former hero Dr Pym by safeguarding the mystery of the technology of Ant-man. The technology allows its user to shrink in size, but grow in strength.

Ant Man

Courtesy of

The idea of this new movie is based on the comics and was announced back at the San Diego Comic Con is 2006. The film has been in the works for a long time, so you would think they would get a better cast. I do like Michael Douglas, but he can’t make the movie all by himself.

Even thought this film is expected to make 65 million on its opening weekend, I don’t think it is going to be a hit. I think it is going to get a lot of viewers the first weekend so everyone can see what it is about. But I think the film is going to disappoint. I don’t want to see any Marvel films fail, but something about this one just doesn’t seem as appealing as the others.

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