Back to the Future Part II Was Right About Some Things

Back to the Future Part II was released in 1989, but actually takes place in 2015. We are creeping up on the exact date when Marty and Doc enter the future on October 21st, 2015. Even though the film’s version of 2015 is way different than what the reality of 2015 is, there are still some predictions that came true.

Movie Sequels

There is a scene where a sign for the movie Jaws 19 is in the background. This was the director’s way of making fun of friend Steven Spielberg. But he pretty much called it when it comes to out of hand sequels. Sequels are all over the place nowadays and even terrible movies like Sharknano has multiple sequels. Clearly the Jaws 19 was a joke, but it ended up coming true. I mean, we did just see Fast and Furious 7 come out.

Obsessed with Technology


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Of course we all know that everyone is glued to either his or her Smartphone or some other form of technology. Back to the Future Part II guessed this would happen and showed it during a dinnertime scene, which really is a scary resemblance to dinner tables now days. We may not have headsets over our eyes, but we do have a phone that blocks are face avoiding any interaction with other people.

Love for the 80s


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We just cannot get rid of the 80s. Even in the movie it shows that in 2015, we all go back to loving bright colors and silly things like we did in the 1980s. And I have seen it this year. Bright neon colors along with big hair is totally back in style. The 1980s is everywhere.

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