The Biggest Moscow Mule in Existence (That We Know Of)

Aside from tiny things like teacup pigs, tiny cupcakes, and tapas, the one thing most Americans seem to collectively love the most is making things “the biggest.” From the Mall of America to the world’s largest hamburger, we just can’t seem to stop ourselves. It should come as no surprise, then, that the we’re also responsible for the world’s largest Moscow Mule.

The Moscow Mule, a refreshing cocktail made of ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice served in a cute (and tiny) copper mug, has been popular in the states since its inception in the 1940s at the Cock ‘n’ Bull in Hollywood. But recently the Mule, along with many other classic and classy cocktails, has experienced a major resurgence in popularity. Bar-goers are imbibing this cocktail like it’s going out of style (as if).


To save their thirsty patrons the hassle of having to step up to the bar for a refill (or 10), PHD Terrace, a New York City bar, concocted a ginormous 10-pound (164-ounce) Moscow Mule. For comparison, a standard Moscow Mule is about 16 ounces. The “Mega Mules,” as they’re called, are even served in size-appropriate copper mugs.

Although we’re almost certain one or more individual Moscow Mule enthusiasts has tried to make their own “biggest Moscow Mule ever,” this one is the largest on record, in the world.

These giant Moscow Mules come in two varieties: one with vodka, and one with tequila. The vodka version contains Belvedere Vodka, Owens All Natural Mule Mix, and lime. The tequila version contains Casamigos Blancos, Owens All Natural Mule Mix, and lime. Each is topped with a heap of mint garnish and costs $185.

Perusing the Manhattan bar’s cocktail menu, there are certainly some creative and awesome sounding drinks, like the Mint Caipirinha, made with Leblon Cachacha, agave, muddled mint, and muddled lime, or the Blackberry Smash, which consists of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, blackberries, and fresh lemon juice. These specialty cocktails cost about $17 a piece. Pricey, but worth it, we’re sure. Other than the giant Mule though, all the bar’s cocktails appear to be standard size. We don’t expect they’ll be serving up giant margaritas or 10-pound Irish Trash Cans any time soon.


Though the menu doesn’t specify, we think it’s safe to assume the Mega Mules are intended for sharing with friends. They do come with several straws, too. Drinking the whole thing in one sitting may be delicious going down, but probably wouldn’t taste nearly as nice coming back up.


Are mega cocktails an up-and-coming new trend? We’ll have to wait to find out. If you’re ever in New York City and are brave enough to try one of the PHD Terrace’s Mega Mules, we’d love to hear about it!

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