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Best Shows Canceled by Comedy Central

Comedy Central has long been churning out impressive original series and a whole bunch of stinkers. However, the network has had to cancel some groundbreaking series because they didn’t have the widespread appeal to connect with middle america.  Some of these shows were too cutting edge and some were just too damn weird, but here… Read more »

Stephen Colbert’s Best Moments

With David Letterman stepping down from his over 20-year reign as the host of The Late Show, and comedian Stephen Colbert taking the helm. We thought it would be a great tribute to show Colbert’s best work from his time on The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, Strangers with Candy and other comedic endeavors. Strangers… Read more »

Host A Game of Thrones Party

The series premiere may have been last night but there are still plenty of Sundays until the season 4 finale on June 15th. There is a wide variety of different families and foods represented in Westeros with the Starks, Targaryens, and Lannisters all enjoying different cuisines. Many people on the social media site Reddit, shared… Read more »

Best of #McConnelling #MitchTake #MeConnelling

If you haven’t been on social media in the past couple weeks then you may have missed the newest video fad sweeping the nation; #McConnelling. Two weeks ago Mitch McConnell released a campaign video where he eerily smiles at the camera multiple times without saying a word. The crew over at the Daily Show jumped… Read more »

Vikings TV Show Review

It has become clear that audiences in North America and Europe are hooked on historical era shows that are full of action, romance and character-rich plots. One such show is the action and adventure epic Vikings.  Vikings is the tale of Ragnar Lodbrok, the man who leads the early Vikings across the sea to raid… Read more »