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BUT WHY: Star Trek Edition

My interest in Star Trek has been pretty fickle: as soon as I got the fire burning the first time I was quickly enamored with Dr. Who (yeah it sucks now, I know). After a few other runs of sci-fi shows and incessant comic book reading, I have come back to Star Trek like eating… Read more »

Masterchef Junior is A Surreal Side Show

I like bad television. I think I’ve said that before, sometimes I just want to zone out and watch TLC, Bravo and Lifetime movies. I’m also a fan of ridiculous competitive reality shows, this last year I watched Masterchef for the first time and I person I was rooting for, Luca, won the whole competition…. Read more »

7th Heaven Drinking Game

When I was younger I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV or VH1, no matter how much I begged to watch see Frankie on the Real World: San Diego I was relegated to watching ABC Family. This meant my mornings and afternoons were filled with episodes of the Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven. When I turned… Read more »