Dating Advice for Men who Struggle with Women

Dating is a minefield at the best of times, and it can be incredibly frustrating when you are bouncing from date to date with no progression. Sometimes it can be difficult to admit you are going wrong somewhere, but recognising it is a great way to move forward. If you are serious about meeting a woman you can be with, it might be time to change your dating behaviour.

Maybe you only talk or boast about yourself on a date. Perhaps you are only interested in one thing or struggle with being open, making you unable to reach those levels of intimacy needed for a successful relationship. If you need help understanding what a woman wants when dating her, you could hire one of the Mature London escorts out there to get the experience and practice first or simply stay on this page, as we have some key tips to ease your problems.

Good Listeners

Women love it when a man actually listens to her, as it shows you are demonstrating an interest in her personally. Wanting to get to know a woman deeper and finding out what she likes and dislikes will allow you to form that deeper connection you have been struggling to find. 

Compliment Her

Compliments may seem like an obvious pointer, but it’s not all about admiring a pretty dress he has on. Women need to be seen as more than sexual objects being complimented on other aspects of their character, such as their humour or intelligence. Complimenting her on this more nuanced aspect of her personality is an excellent sign of growing intimacy and that you are getting to know a girl properly. 

Honesty and Openness 

Honesty is essential regardless of who you are dating. Tell them if you are not feeling the relationship rather than stringing them along. Furthermore, if you feel like your relationship with someone is not going in the right direction or want to try something new, being honest about your feelings is the only way to progress positively. Besides, being open is a great way to form intimacy and build long-lasting connections that lead to successful relationships with women.


Sometimes dating doesn’t work out for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps it’s a case of the right person at the wrong time, or you’re not the right guy for her. Either way, just because things haven’t worked out a few times doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or things will never work out. Being patient with dating and lessening your expectations is the best way to take the pressure off dating!

Still, Struggling?

Want to gain experience before you put yourself in the real world of dating? Talk to somebody you are close to for advice or a few pointers. Or Seeing an escort may be a great way to discuss your issues and learn from experts themselves. You can find escorts wherever you are in the country, and whether you are in the North East or looking for Northampton escorts, it is a great way to learn about yourself so you can gain more confidence when dating women.