Do You Really Need to Suit Up before Going to the Casino?

As a guest at a casino, it is no secret that you are expected to dress in a particular way. Therefore, not only should you honour the casino’s request for dressing as expected, but you also ought to do so out of respect for other bettors in the premises. Of course, not all gambling halls have strict dress codes. For instance, it would be quite ridiculous if you had to suit up up every time before signing in the online gaming establishment like those presented at There is an increment in the number which requires guests to wear certain items of clothing. As such, this is usually the case in VIP casinos.

With that being said, if you would like to not only fit in but also impress other players in the room while maintaining comfort, then this guide will indeed give you insight on the subject.

The Secret of Dressing to Gamble

Without a doubt, a myriad of modern casinos tends to be casual places. Thus, provided that you are in the vicinity and not attempting to enter either a section with a dress code or a VIP area, then how you are dressed is irrelevant, more so, if you are actually spending some of your bankrolls to wager and try your luck.

Keeping that in mind, we shall delve into the three fundamental tips to assist anyone preparing for a trip to a brick and mortar betting platform.

  • Comfort is key: Given that the majority of casino floors across the globe require nothing more than casual attire, it is certainly acceptable to dress for comfort. If you require plethoras of props when you wager, running the gamut from notepads, pens, or strategy guides, then it is vital to ensure that you wear attire which has an ample number of pockets. Furthermore, those whose body temperatures at times rise as they place their stake levels are in luck, since, an abundance gambling parlors are slightly on the cold side.
  • Dress casually if permitted: Provided that you have some cash to relish in wagering, casinos have no concern on what you choose to wear. However, there are a few exceptions: poker rooms, VIP sections, or certain restaurants and bars within the complex. Given that being rejected for your attire can be quite embarrassing as well as frustrating, it is advisable to verify the accepted dress code before making a visit to your desired brick and mortar betting parlor.
  • ‘Dressing Up’ after 6 p.m.: As you know, the rule of thumb whereby, ‘when the sun goes down, the nice clothes come out’ has been in existence for centuries. While it is uncertain when and where this tradition began, but to date, in the case of formal attire, a profusion of people tend to dress differently during the day, and at night. Therefore, the same applies to your dress code when you visit a casino during the day, and in the nighttime.  Hence, it is advisable to wear a cocktail dress with accessories such as sparkly jewelry (for ladies) and a buttoned-down shirt (for gents). Hence, ‘dressing up’ an outfit could also mean wearing shoes which stand out.

Gambling Attire for Men

  1. A Pair of Khaki Pants: For a fact, Khaki trousers or shorts go with nearly every type of shirt. Thus, since the key is to blend in, it is best to avoid vibrant colors or patterns. Additionally, those who are wagering in hot climatic conditions can wear khaki shorts instead of jeans.
  2. A Pair of decent blue jeans: A crisp clean pair of blue jeans which do not have holes is appropriate attire for a majority of modern casinos. They can be worn with a polo shirt, or a formal shirt and a tie, hence creating a mixed-formal look.
  3. A Pair of loafers: They look better, more formal, and exude chicness. Additionally, a man who walks into a casino wearing a pair of loafers will more likely receive a thumbs-up from the host, as opposed to one who casually walks into the premises in a pair of jogging sneakers.
  4. Plain Socks: In most scenarios, plain athletic socks (white or black) in a pair of loafers will suffice. Hence, this means that you should refrain from wearing open shoes, flip-flops, or sandals to a wagering complex.
  5. A Button-down shirt which is conservative: While it may not be mandatory for you to wear a plain button-down shirt to bet in, you should, however, avoid wearing shirts containing large slogans, symbols, or Hawaiian print. Nonetheless, a patterned shirt with buttons is acceptable.

Overall, big spenders may get away with wearing a pair of flip-flops and Bahama shorts to the VIP sections, without the casino host blinking an eye. However, until you are earning complimentary suites and handing over substantial cheques to the casino, it is mandatory to abide by the required dress code.  Lastly, while the common phrase ‘dress to impress’ has different translations in various venues, from this guide, you can now confidently step into any casino with the knowledge that you are the best-dressed bettor in the premises.

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