Find Your Zen With The Online Yoga Classes Video Glo

Yoga is a practice that can benefit you in many ways outside of just being flexible. When you do this form of fitness, you are conditioning your body to breathe, relax, and find your freedom. Yoga makes you dive into your deepest and most relaxed state, and it opens the door for developing your body in the best way possible. Yoga is such a beautiful practice because you can improve your flexibility, develop your stamina, and overall improve your wellbeing. Taking the online Yoga classes through Glo will open the door for you to reaching a new and healthier version of yourself.

What is Glo? Why You Should Join?

Glo is an online membership site that opens the door for you to watch and learn from the best instructors in the Yoga industry today. These men and women have taught masterclasses and Yoga workshops across the globe sharing their knowledge and wisdom, and they are here to take you on their journey. Glo has online Yoga programs and training videos that all focus on different aspects of Yoga. Whether it’s improving your meditation practice or giving you programs specifically on your flexibility and stamina, Glo has the best online Yoga programs.

Three Unique Classes To Help You Find Your Bliss

The following classes are the best way to stay calm and find your peace. They all have a different way of operating each with a specific goal in mind, but these classes all want you to find your peace and zen. Glo is a very great site that has worked with some of the best Yoga instructors on the planet, and they bring each one of them to you up close and personal.

– Detox for Health & Happiness by Kia Miller

Kia Miller takes you on a ride that focuses on detoxing the body for health and happiness in this training guide. It’s a one week program with three training videos, all of which are around 30 minutes long. This Yoga program is meant to help you fight your negative thought patterns and help you open up better to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. Utilizing such powerful breathwork and movement, this program Kia takes you on can develop the calmness you need for your health.

– Breathe Into Your Day by Sara Clark 

Sara Clark gives you the opportunity to start your day off right with this calming meditation routine. This 15 minute program will give you the right start to your day using intention setting, mindfulness, and mantras. Sara is very big on meditation and breath work, and she utilizes a powerful and systematic approach to giving your body the oxygen it needs for a strong and productive day.

– Yin for Deep Sleep by Tiffany Cruikshank

Tiffany knows the difficulties of life and how overthinking can cause us to think of a million thoughts at a single time. Calming the mind is not easy, and when it comes down to sleeping, you can stay up all night thinking of everything in your day and what you need to do tomorrow. This specific program by Tiffany focuses on moving the body and improving your focus to stay calm and rested so you can be ready for bed. Utilizing different Chinese principles, this program will help you create stillness in your nervous system so you can head to bed and get a strong deep sleep.

Glo is known for their wide array of programs, but these calming video trainings are going to help you find your peace and get yourself reaching the zen feeling you want. Glo provides the online Yoga classes you need so you can succeed in your practice.

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