Top 4 Funny Videos of the Day 12/11/2013

Let’s prepare ourselves for the final month of 2013 with these funny videos. We’ll start with a father’s response to his son being attacked by bees

Australian Reacts to Bee Attack

If an American had said this about his child he would be met with vitriol but for some reason that Australian accent seems to make everything ok. Karl Stefanavik The host of the Australian Today show also has a slew of funny videos including an awkward joke with the Dalai Llama, eating an incredibly spicy meat pie, and giggling like a middle schooler.

Los Angeles Reporters Freak Out over Cold Weather

Jimmy Kimmel has been on a roll recently with his send up of the Los Angeles media. While the rest of the country has been suffering from freezing weather and wild snow storms, Los Angeles has been experiencing weather below 50 degrees and reporters are freaking out. This reminds me of the old Mad TV sketch, “Wind Storm 97′” I like to think that it was just a slow news day and that these reporters aren’t actually this daft.

Zach Braff and Donald Faison sing “Baby its Cold Outside”

The inventors of the bromance Zach Braff and Donald Faison have continued their friendship several years after Scrubs stopped creating new episodes. In this holiday video Turk and J.D. sing the holiday classic “Baby its Could Outside” it’s not as sensual as Seth Rogan and James Franco’s “Bound 2” cover music video.

Starving Man Finds Food in Antartica

Both hilarious and inspiring this video features a Norwegian (?) man amidst an 87 day expedition of ¬†Antarctica. When he looks through the final cache set up for his journey he discovers one of a human’s basic needs; food. I have never seen somebody so excited to grab so cheese doodles, well except for me after hanging with Snoop Dogg… bad joke.

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