Hipster Linguistics

As the age of technology continues to consume every aspect of our lives, we have come  long way in terms of texting, typing, and anything that doesn’t involve an actual pen and paper. Spell check has taken the population of Ppl wHo TxT lik tHis, and turned them into the equivalent of sixth grade C-students, quite the accomplishment. A few years ago, you would never find a hipster sending out emails or statuses with all that riffraff. No–you would find immaculately worded, proper-ass sentences with zero errors, and if for some reason they did slip in a “your” instead of “you’re” they’d be quick to send you a “*you’re” reply faster than Machine Gun Kelly on crack.

Now times have changed, as the masses are becoming more coherent, the hipsters have no choice but to rebel; long live the counter culture, man. Now, instead of sounding like pompous pseudo-intellectuals, the hipsters have moved on to regress back into the days of old, with a new spin.

For your consideration, we have included a few translation of some popular hipster words and terminology:

azn | Asian  | “sumtimes i just wish i was a kewt azn”

bbg | baby girl | “i luv yr seafoam green hurr bbg, u look lik GRiMES, i wanna take soooo many pixx”

chillwave | musical genre characterized by it’s use of synthesizers and heavy melodies  | “I’m not sure if ths new band is chillwave or  trillwave”

ermahgerd | Oh my god; based off popular internet meme | “Ehrmagerd, they have PBR on tap!!!”

fuq | fuck | “what tha fuq did this terd on instagram say abt me???”

h8 | hate | “ugh I h8 hipsters”

hurr | hair | “OMG my hurr be lookin so good doe”

iknorite | I know, right? | “i knorite?? deconstructed feminism is totes kewl”

kvlt | cult | “i just wnt to go 2 the forest and lsten to sum blk metal and do kvlt stuff”

rly tho | Really, though | “rly tho, the  new animal collective is totes shitty”

right meow | right now  |  “i could totally do cokesies right meow”

totes | totally | “I’m totes going 2 hve an ichat prty on tumblr l8r”

trill | true/real/chill | “i just lerned abt angela davis in my cultre 102 class, homegurl is so trill”

ug mug | an aesthetically-challenged face | “Ugh, u see that mess? Gurl got hella ug mug”

#whitegirlwasted | ironic hashtag; very drunk  | “u guise im so #whitegirlwasted rite now, ughhhh, i jus want a burrito”

yew | you | “Gurl, yew are riding the hot mess express, choo choo!”

yr | you’re/your | “Yr really asking me if I like lanie del rey??? Wht r u retrded?”


Other considerations: the hipster also ads “-sies” on to many words, sometimes taking off some of the last letters:

peepsies | people

beersies | beers

guitarsies | guitars

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