How To Get On A Spotify Playlist

With Spotify being one of the most popular music promotion services to date, it does make sense for aspiring musicians to get featured. 

However, there’s a good number of musicians who struggle each day and end up getting rejected by the curators. 

Fret not! We’ve got you covered.

In this post, we will let you know about a handful of full-proof ways to get on a Spotify playlist 

Read on !

Direct pitching works

You must have heard about Spotify for Artists, right?

Well, now it’s time to use it. 

Spotify for Artists is a great app that features a set of tools that will help a musician approach and understand how to go about promoting their creations on the platform. Besides, it also gives you access to direct pitching via a couple of ways: 

  • Through the app – After you sign up and log in, click the Home tab right at the top of the Spotify for Artists dashboard and then choose the option “Pitch a song to our editors”.
  • Using the website – Select the Music tab from Spotify for Artists dashboard and then choose ‘Upcoming’ followed by ‘Pitch a song’.

Next, you will be asked to fill in a few details about your latest release as it will impact your chances of getting featured. This also serves as the metadata for the song and contributes to how users view and search for your track later on. 

After you have submitted the requisite details, you will be receiving an email from Spotify as a confirmation of your track acceptance.

Whatever you do, remember one thing, currently, Spotify only allows one to choose and submit tracks where you are the lead artist, so you can’t be pitching any compilation tracks. Besides, one is allowed to submit one track per release which is in accordance with Spotify’s guidelines to offer a fair chance for everyone. 

Work with independent music curators 

Independently curated playlists are another wonderful resource for Spotify promotion. Here are a few pointers to get you going : 

  • Invest a few hours browsing through Spotify playlists and sort the ones that you deem fit for your genre and type.
  • Next, Google the contact info (usually a website or email) for submitting to the playlists.
  • It’s advisable to maintain a spreadsheet with all your target playlist contacts.
  • When shooting an email, make sure you keep it short and sweet with links to your creations on Spotify. That way finding your tracks will be easy for these curators. 

Use Release Radar and Discover Weekly

Spotify’s Release Radar and Discover Weekly are unique playlists for each user, as they are auto-curated ones that cleverly use the platform’s algorithm. Ánd what’s even better, compared to Spotify’s self-curated playlists, Release Radar is known to generate a greater number of streams. 

Getting on Release Radar and Discover Weekly is also super easy. All you need to do is to follow them, and chances are they will follow you back on Spotify.  That way, whenever you are releasing a new track, it will invariably show up on the Release Radar playlist for any listener who already follows you. 

Share, share, share 

You know how they say sharing is caring. Well, sharing is about growing too. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are being included in a small or a big playlist, the more you share, the more you boost your chances of streaming. Also, while you are at it, do tag the playlist curator. This will help in securing a bond with them for future features and more.

The power of a complete profile

Even though your music stands out, you can’t just ignore things about your profile. The more detailed and complete your profile is on Spotify, the more you rack up your chance as a legitimate face for curators to consider you for a feature. 

Start with a crisp artist bio, followed by social media links, upcoming tour dates if any, and above all, get verified as an official Spotify artist.

Building public playlists

Perhaps the easiest way to get featured on Spotify is to create your own public playlists. While you add great tracks for people, do include your original creations as well. That way you will have millions of followers in no time.

Also, considering the fact how the algorithm works for Discover Weekly that takes every playlist into account, chances of getting featured is really good. 

Wrap Up 

While direct pitching and self-promotion are tried and tested ways, working with a Spotify playlist promotion service agency can double up your chances. 

At Playlistpumppr, we have helped several aspiring musicians get their pitching game right and connect seamlessly with curators and fans alike.