How to Have an Unforgettable Bridal Shower

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A bridal shower is the perfect way to relax and unwind in advance of the wedding day. It should be a special occasion for the bride-to-be, giving her an opportunity to spend time with her closest female friends and family members.

Often, the maid of honor will oversee organizing the bridal shower, but some brides may prefer to be involved with the finer details. For an unforgettable bridal shower that everyone will enjoy, follow these simple tips:

Set the Mood with Invitations

Sending out bridal shower invitations will be one of the first items on your to-do list. Choose a design that will be memorable and that sets the stage for the special event. For example, for a high tea bridal shower, you might go for a rustic, floral design. Decide whether you want your bridal shower theme to be romantic, modern or fun and find an invitation to suit.

Have the Right Mix of Guests

The bride should have the final say in who gets invited to the bridal shower. Thus, when planning the event, you may need to consider the ages and interests of the guests.

To cater to everyone, you may want to split the day into two parts. The earlier portion of the day could include an afternoon of pampering at a nail salon, followed by a formal dinner. Afterward, anyone who would like to party can continue through the night. This strategy ensures the bride can celebrate with everyone she cares about.

Book Entertainment Options to Remember

Every event needs some type of entertainment, even if it’s just a simple music playlist. You can be as creative with the entertainment as you’d like, keeping in mind it should be catered to the bride’s tastes.

Options could include a band, belly dancing lessons, face painting, horseback riding or even a hot air balloon ride. When you include something unique in your bridal shower plans, it will make for a day everyone will always remember.

Play Games That Will Make Everyone Laugh

Games are great icebreakers and will help guests to get to know one another. From the amusing to the embarrassing, there is indeed a whole host of bridal shower games from which to choose.

One popular game is called “Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses.” Guests team up to dress the bride in a homemade wedding dress made entirely from toilet paper. Whoever makes the best dress is the winner. You may also like to have a piƱata, which should bring out the inner child in everyone.

Document the Memories

While the bridal shower can go by quickly, documenting the memories will help you remember those special moments from the day. Encourage your guests to take photos or rent a photo booth for additional fun.

A photo booth can be paired with accessories and costumes for photos they will cherish forever. Depending on the style of the bridal shower, you may also want to hire a videographer or professional photographer to ensure not a single moment is missed.

Have an Unforgettable Bridal Shower!

The bridal shower will be a success if you plan a day that suits the wishes of the bride-to-be. Consider the needs of the guests and include entertainment and games to make sure everyone is relaxed.

Don’t forget, the bridal shower invitations will give guests a clue about what to expect for the event and are an important aspect of the planning stage.

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