Meet the World’s Youngest Self-Worth Billionaire

John Collison Forbes Youngest Millionaire

At just 26, Irishman John Collison has joined the club for the world’s youngest billionaires, according to the Forbes list.

Stripe Company

His fortune is due to Stripe, a company he founded along with his brother Patrick, who is processing online payments for clients like Target, Yelp, Facebook and Lyft; According to the Wall Street Journal, its growth is more than 40% announced by its competitor Square, the company of Twitter co-founder.
Headquartered in San Francisco, the start-up has 726 employees who process billions of dollars in annual transactions in 25 countries.

John Collison Forbes Youngest Millionaire

John is two months younger than Spiegel, the co-founder of Snapchat who treads his heels with a net worth of one hundred hundred million dollars. Last November, Stripe raised a $ 150 million round of financing, which valued the company at nine thousand two hundred million dollars. For each transaction it processes, it obtains 2.9% of the same plus 30 US cents. This represents revenues of about $ 450 million, according to Forbes. The brothers came up with Stripe’s idea during a vacation in South Africa, when John was still a Harvard physics student and Patrick’s math at MIT.

Stripe was launched in September 2011, but three years earlier, the then teenagers had already founded a technology company called Auctomatic, which sold for $ 5 million dollars.

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