Moving expenses we should consider when hiring a moving company

Moving is not as simple as it looks: it takes time and money. How to find a reputable moving company to entrust with all planning of relocation processes?”

Things to consider while planning your move

Moving process requires our undivided attention as it is important finding skilled movers, experienced in their field. Make sure the chosen company operates legally – licensed and insure appropriately. Among most costly services that should be taken into consideration or ones that demand more time that expected that on are:

  • Time that will be spend on packing and unpacking. Without any questions we all have furniture that need to be disassembled and reassembled or other items of not standard sizes that require additional packing material or some special boxes, especially if you are planning interstate move from California to other distant state. These packing services can be ordered from your long distance movers orange county for additional payment.
  • Distance. Your long distance move may require additional costs for parking, warehouse handling, shuttle and fuel charges, etc.;
  • Special equipment. Trying to handle everything without professional help is a bad idea as for sure you will require special equipment to deal with your bulky furniture and we are talking not only about such basics as packing tape, boxes, bubble wrap but dollies, hoisting straps, ramps, pallet jack and trucks, of course. Your will know how to use it to avoid moving related accidents;
  • Driving route research. If you are planning to move your belongings by yourself with your own vehicle – learn the route in advance as expert movers are aware of possible surprises on a road and know how to prevent them;
  • One more expense to put into your list is tips for movers;
  • Possible weather changes also will require additional costs, etc.
Packing up

Ground questions for moving companies

Before hiring a company and entrusting it with relocating your whole life make sure you are aware of the following information:

  • Does your company provide insurance? It is important to discuss various moving related accidents and is it possible to get reimbursed for damaged or lost items. Maybe it is worth involving third party – insurance company to cover the move;
  • Make sure you discussed delivery terms and everything goes according to the schedule.  Check all details so there won’t be delays or unexpected surprises like closed roads etc.;
  • Discuss methods of payment: cash or wire transfer. Most companies accept credit card as well. Should you make any payments in advance?
  • Learn about means of transportation and the whole itinerary;
  • Don’t forget asking about references. Any reputable company will be able providing you with plenty of them, etc.

These are the most basic questions that will tell you more about the quality of services provided by the chosen company.

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