Must-Have Golf Gadgets of 2018

Every golfer needs to spruce up their bag now and again, but with so much choice out there, it can be a difficult task. After all, sometimes it’s as though you just have to buy three of the same shirts or all of the technology out there for when you’re out playing.

Oh, the stresses of being married to the game! Worry not, though, we’re here for you and have narrowed down the tech products most worthy of your custom.

So, without further ado, here are our must-have golf gadgets of 2018.

  • A canopy-style umbrella

All golfers know that the game must go on regardless of the weather on the fairway. That’s why it’s important to have yourself protected from the elements with a canopy-style umbrella. You’re able to cover your equipment and yourself during the rain and can go back to the clubhouse relatively unscathed.

You can pick up cheap umbrellas of this style from all around, but if you’re after quality and endurance, it’s best to buy from a good brand with a reasonable price. We love the TaylorMade Single Canopy umbrella. It comes with a sport grip and is a decent 60 inches in size. You can even purchase an umbrella holder to act as a caddy when you’re out playing. Well worth an investment we say!

  • Golf rangefinders

Golfers love their technology, and what better than golf rangefinders? They’re excellent little pieces of science, which can calculate the distance between yourself and your target on the spot. It doesn’t matter what your target is, it’ll calculate how far you’ve got to go – and your swing will be all the better for it.

It’s important to do your research around golf rangefinders, especially in terms of customer reviews to ensure you’re purchasing a quality piece of equipment. Generally speaking, though, anything Nikon is a good shout for rangefinders. Also, you may find golf simulators another flexible and realistic alternatives, and Skytrak is one of the best out there.

  • Club cleaner

Let’s be honest, we all fall into the habit of forgetting to scrub those clubs once we’re done. It seems like a chore and definitely takes away from the great atmosphere of the game. However, the job can be done quickly and easily by purchasing a club cleaner. You can get various types from various retailers, including online.

The best club cleaners come with bristles designed to get into the grooves of the club. The best bristles are nylon, seeing as they’re non-abrasive. We’d certainly recommend checking out what kind of club cleaner you’re purchasing to maximise effectiveness.

Oh, you can also get motorised club cleaners which act almost like an electric toothbrush. They’ll really get rid of the grime in the clubs for sure!

  • A ball-finder scout

The bane of a golfer’s life is losing their golf balls. Those sneaky things go AWOL all of the time – and it’s annoying to keep having to replace them. Turns out there’s an excellent solution: a ball-finder scout.

In what is perhaps the best bit of tech ever, the ball-finder uses its high-resolution digital camera to locate any balls within a certain radius. The best ball-finders can locate balls that are just one percent visible, but none can yet accurately find a ball that is completely submerged in water or covered by greenery.

Once the ball is found, you’re directed to it, and can retrieve it as though your shot cost absolutely nothing.

  • Segway x2 Golf

Although golf gadgets usually fit in a bag, we thought we’d add a cool (and very large) one to our list. A Segway.

Okay, so they might be the stuff of luxury golf dreams, but Segways are still pretty awesome for golfers. You can reach your next hole quicker and without damaging fairways due to the design of the golf Segways. They’re soft on the turf and reach a maximum speed of 12.5 mph.

If you’ve got the cash, we’d love to see someone do it.

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