Sip and Socialize: 7 Tips for Hosting a Wine Night

Sometimes you need a night for just the girls to get together, indulge in some food and wine, and chat around the table. If it’s your turn to host the usual wine night, why not spice things up and add something new to your usual gathering? Most wine nights include a cheese board and a good group of friends, but when you try a new activity during your wine night, you might just discover a new hobby at the same time! 

Paint with diamond wine parties are becoming widely popular because it’s the perfect activity to work on with your girl squad while also making a masterpiece to bring home with you. To host a wine night that the girls will be talking about for weeks, check out our tips on how to take your party to the next level.

  • Send Out the Invites in Advance

If you’re planning a wine night in advance, it’s important to give the guests a heads up, so they can plan to have the night off and grab an appetizer or some other item to contribute. To make your wine night even more special, you can send out paper invitations or an e-vite with a cute design informing your guests of the time, date, location, and planned events for the evening. 

If you want to get really creative with it and have a theme for your wine night, you can also let the ladies know about this on the invite, giving them plenty of time to prepare. The shorter the notice, the less likely people are to show up—and it’s not a party without the party people!

  • Do a Craft Together

Working on a project as a group is a good way to occupy your time while chatting and sipping away on your favorite vinos. For the last few years, ladies have been heading to paint and sip places that allow you to bring your own wine while you learn how to paint a specific picture. 

But, instead of having to drag everyone out of the house, you can bring the crafting to your own home with a paint with diamonds kit or other fun and easy crafts that anyone can complete. If some of your guests have different interests when it comes to crafting, you can offer a few options for adult arts and crafts that will satisfy everyone’s creative side. 

  • Ask Guests to Bring a Side Dish or Appetizer

If you’re providing the wine for everybody, it’s okay to turn the party into a group effort and ask everyone to contribute one dish or appetizer. With several different options, you can lay them all out buffet style and let everyone dig in throughout the night! Many people like to offer a cheese board on wine night because everyone knows that cheese and wine make a beautiful couple. If you’re envisioning more of a wine and cheese night, why not ask your guests to each bring their own favorite cheese and have your own little pairing session! 

  • Offer Several Different Types of Wine… and Have Plenty

A great wine party needs a lot of variety. People may grow tired of drinking the same wine all night, or people’s preferences may vary, which is why a good host should offer a wide selection to satisfy everyone’s tastes. You should definitely purchase both a white and a red and potentially grab two different varieties of each. 

The exact number of bottles that you’ll need will depend on how many people are coming to the wine night, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so buy an extra bottle or two. It’s not a wine party if the wine runs out! If you want to really step it up a notch, you can do some research into wine and cheese pairings by professional chefs to ensure that you’re offering the best of the best to your guests. 

  • Play Group Games

Another great group activity to suggest for wine night is a group game. You can play a family-friendly kind of game as a group or get a little wild with an adult game like Cards Against Humanity. Make sure that the game is designed for a larger group to help keep everyone involved. Keep it classic with a game of charades, Pictionary, Taboo, or Scattergories. If you want to raise the stakes and make the game more challenging, try a “spies versus villains” game, or turn the entire night into a game with a murder mystery party kit.

  • Make Fun Decorations and Glass Labels

To get your guests in the party mood, prep your house with some simple but fun decorations. You can make individual glass labels that make each person’s personality and offer them up as a take-home gift. These labels will help people keep track of their drinks and double as an adorable party favor. You can really turn up the mood if you deck your house in wine-themed decorations and use items like wine napkins and wine-related serving boards. Although this isn’t necessary to host a wine night, it does add a little something extra to a fun night.

  • Offer Personalized Wine Glasses as a Take-Home Gift

Another fun way to give your guests something to take home with them is by giving out personalized wine glasses at the beginning of the night. You can craft these yourself by purchasing glasses from the dollar store, then adding each person’s name or initials with paint or vinyl sticky paper. Everyone will love having a memento from the evening, and you won’t end up having to wash a whole set of wine glasses at the end of the night. 

Make Your Wine Party a Night to Remember!

Now that you’ve got a good understanding of the essential tips to hosting a great wine night, it’s time to put it into practice! Pick a date and send out your invitations letting your guests know what to expect—will you be painting with diamonds, playing games, or making your own cheese board? To kick it up a notch, consider a small favor that will leave your guests smiling the whole way home!

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