Stylish Desk Chairs for the Office

If you love adding your own style to your desk in the office like I do, then you will love the idea of adding your own flare with the right desk chair. There are many different ways to personalize and decorate your space, but with a chair, you are adding your own style without taking up any extra room. Plus, it is a functional piece!


The leather desk chair is a classic. It really does look great in any office. To add some of your special touch to it, think about looking at a different color other than black for your leather chair. A red leather chair is sophisticated and a real statement piece for the office. This is probably my favorite option out of all the different chairs because you still stay classy with the leather, but add some fun with the color.


Another great classic option is a mesh desk chair. I don’t really think these are as comfortable as leather chairs, but they definitely add a different look to your space. Mesh chairs are a more modern look and are very sleek. You can stay with a black mesh chair or just like with a leather chair, add some color. With the mesh option, you will probably be able to find a wider variety of colors to choose from. Colored mesh chairs are a great look to add to any trendy office.


This option isn’t so much for me, but it is for people with a strong personality who like to stand out. No, it isn’t really a chair with fringe, but it is a chair that resembles the neutral fringe look. If you want to add some bohemian style to your office, think about a wooden chair with earthy tones!



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