Upgrading Your Suspension Yields a Ton of Benefits: Are You Ready for an Off-Road Adventure of a Lifetime?

Most modern vehicles’ suspension systems are designed to ensure decent performance under normal driving conditions. Manufacturers try to meet customers’ expectations for handling and safety based on what they expect the average driver to do with their vehicles, and more often than not, that doesn’t include serious off-roading.

Drivers who want to take their trucks, jeeps, or other vehicles off-road for some real adventures will need to upgrade their suspensions so that their vehicles’ performance matches their unique expectations. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of upgrading to an aftermarket suspension system.

Overall Durability

Even a 4WD truck with stock suspension won’t be able to handle the rough and tumble conditions of off-road driving for long. Specialty off-road suspension kits are designed with heavy-duty parts that are better able to withstand that kind of abuse. The kits sold at offroadpowerproducts.com will help any off-road truck withstand the excess wear and tear associated with adventure driving.

Better Clearance

Driving over rough terrain requires large tires and more ground clearance than most factory vehicles have to offer. There’s a common misconception among off-road enthusiasts that body lift kits are the best way to get extra clearance. In reality, all lifting a truck will do is accommodate bigger wheels and tires. It won’t solve problems with ground clearance.

Upgrading the truck’s suspension, on the other hand, will lift the transfer case and other undercarriage components further off the ground. Off-road suspension systems feature longer springs, which means more clearance. The best solution is to install both an aftermarket suspension kit and a lift kit.

Better Approach and Departure Angles

Suspension lift kits improve off-road trucks’ approach and departure angles. This makes high-centering a non-issue. Drivers with upgraded suspensions and lifted trucks can take steep angles safely while climbing and descending, opening up a whole new world of off-road trails.

Greater Wheel Articulation

A heavy-duty off-road suspension kit can also give drivers greater wheel articulation. That’s essential for driving over extremely rough terrain since greater wheel articulation means better traction. If a driver’s ideal off-road adventure includes any amount of rock climbing, the increased ability to maintain traction while driving over large obstacles is a must.

Increased Load Capacity

Sturdy aftermarket suspension systems can also carry heavier loads than stock suspensions. There are two reasons that’s a good thing. First, many off-road enthusiasts upgrade their rides using heavy-duty steel bumpers and other heavier components, which adds extra weight to the truck.

Second, an increased load capacity means serious adventure drivers can head out to the forest for a weekend or longer without worrying about how they’ll safely haul all the gear they need. Those who enjoy a day out on the trails will enjoy a full weekend-long off-road camping trip even more. Outfitting a truck to carry heavy gear means they can bring along anything and everything required for a successful trip.

The Bottom Line

Drivers planning the off-road adventure of a lifetime can’t afford to do it on a stock suspension system. Even in a 4WD truck, the stock system won’t be able to handle the level of wear and tear that comes along with taking on seriously rough terrain. Those who plan to outfit their trucks for better off-road performance should always start with the suspension before installing lift kits, larger wheels, steel bumpers, and other upgrades.

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