Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Children

As if the world is not complicated already, we are so busy that we seldom get time to spend with children. The situation is so unfortunate that we send our kids for extra classes so they don’t miss our absence at home. 

This lifestyle has emerged from ever-demanding work culture. Everyone knows that the company’s strict policies of maintaining ‘work-life balance’ is just a white lie! However, we do need to understand that these children are the citizens of the future generation.

Of course, we don’t want to pass on such toxic traits to the next generation. Then how to minimize the gap? Read on to learn,

Cheerful Chores

Remember the times when we’d be excited to visit our grannies’ place. She’d be so fun to be around with that we barely realized about finishing the dishes or laundry! Bring the joy back into your child’s life. Don’t make the chore boring. 

Instead, keep the work light and fresh. Initiate conversations while cooking. Allow them to decide the next meal’s menu. All of these create a healthy environment for both of you to interact and spend quality time! Learning these basic life skills lets your child feel responsible, confident and beneficial.

No Technology

Isn’t it a common sight to see all the family members lost in their gadgets despite sitting in the same room?! 5 people are sitting and yet, feel like no one is present! People have become accustomed to entertaining themselves without moving a toe.

Stir the environment a little. Bring up a no gadget policy whenever you can. Plan to eat at least one meal a day together and avoid gadgets during the entire time. Conversing during the meal can be a great bonding time! You will also get to discuss your day to day life and ask for suggestions. Children can always surprise you with their fresh outlook.

Baby’s day out

Who doesn’t love outings on a lovely day! You don’t have to adjust your schedule on a weekend, instead, take a day off from your office and spend time with your child. They will feel more loved knowing that you have taken time out from your hectic schedule.

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Final Thoughts

Commonly, we end up spending more time and energy in our day to day lives that we fall short on bonding time. So, use the tips above to enhance your relationship with your child!

End of the day, you are not only spending time with your child but making memories that shape their personality and future. Your relentless job might fetch you all the money you dreamt of – however, it is the tiny moment of happiness that lasts in memories.

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