What is Pickleball and Why This Could Be the Hobby you’ve Been Looking For?

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Whether you are in search of an excellent family activity or in need of some exercise, there is a chance the name pickleball has crossed your mind before. For a long time, this has been an underappreciated sport but its popularity is now increasing as time goes by. In fact, one thing that makes it’s an exceptional activity is that pickleball can be enjoyed by people of all sizes, ages, and athletic abilities. Moreover, you don’t have to be a mastermind of an athletic god to learn the sport. This article offers valuable information about pickleball including what it entails and why it could be the hobby you’ve always been searching for.

Understanding Pickleball

Pickleball is quite similar to tennis and badminton. The court on which the sport is played is the size of a badminton court with a net resembling the tennis kind at the center. There is also the pickleball rackets which almost resemble the Ping-Pong rackets in shape. Despite that, there is a difference in that there aren’t volley zones in pickleball. That means that players can get too close to the net and cannot slam the ball on their opponents on the other side of the net. This also implies that the serving team cannot do the same on a return. These rules are favored by many because they level the playing field for both senior and younger players. Pickleball fits right in due to the popularity of other sports such as racquetball and tennis.

Why is Pickleball Popular?

In addition to being an easy sport to learn, pickleball can be played with anyone and at any age. Therefore, even seniors can easily obtain the benefits of engaging in physical activities. A lot of racket games depend on power and speed, buy this game require finesse. The nature of the control game that is unique to pickleball makes it possible for players of different ages to play against other people who are much older or even younger and still remain competitive.

Good for Exercise

One of the reasons why pickleball could be the hobby you are looking for is that it offers the fitness you need while still enjoying the game. Pickleball exercises the major muscle groups, offers a cardio workout, and improves mobility, agility, dexterity, and balance. Since the sport involves bursts of quick movement, it functions as a type of interval training. Pickleball burns an average of 250 to 450 calories in every half hour period and this depends on how active you are. It is ideal for seniors because it allows them to play at their own pace.

In conclusion

The above guide offers pertinent information regarding the value of pickleball and why it is becoming one of the most popular sports. When you are starting out in this game, make sure your loosen yourself, have fun, and enjoy the experience. In addition to being enjoyable, pickleball is an excellent sport because it ensures physical fitness and can be played with people of different ages.

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