Why Should You Live In A Small House?


Living in a small house can be challenging, especially if you move from a larger space to a smaller one. However, today, people actively choose to live in smaller places such as studio apartments for many reasons. Does it change your life completely? The answer is yes..

It takes time to get used to living in a place where you thought it is not worth the effort. However, living small will make you consider choosing carefully between the things you want to own and the things you really need. Click here to read more. 

The benefits of living in a small house

People choose a larger home because they think it is the home of their dreams, but living small takes more flexibility and creativity. There are many advantages when choosing a miniscule home. Now, we will explain to you the main benefits that may aid you in your decisions about taking the first step.

Easy to maintain

The main problem when living in a larger home is cleaning. It takes a lot of time, makes you feel tired and incapable of doing other things you love. The most significant advantage of a smaller home is that you can keep it clean for a prolonged period. You will not waste your energy and time as you would in a bigger place. Less maintenance, more time for you!

Less expensive

A small place is far less expensive than a bigger house. You can find places with an affordable price suitable for your wallet. If you choose to live in a smaller home, the heating, taxes, insurance, electricity, and many other essential things are less expensive, and you will save more money. The bills are considerably lower than the bills in a huge house. 

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Easy to decorate

When living in a smaller home, you won’t spend plenty of money decorating it. Plus, you can use your money correctly on the things you really need and decorate your home as you wish. Instead of wasting your money on unnecessary things, you can invest in quality furniture, solar heating, as well as a backup generator.

More unique

Many people live in big houses and work their entire lives to add the last piece of furniture, and yet, their home is unfinished. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on maintenance, you can spend a fraction of that and be completely happy. What’s important is the relationships with your family and friends, not the color of the roof. 

You can design your house in a unique style with less effort and cash. In other words, you will not spend your whole life working for stuff to decorate your home. Here are some great 1200 sq ft house plans that might inspire you. Small houses are unique and look nicer. 


Small houses are simple. Many people feel comfortable in less space because that brings out the minimalists in us. A small house encourages you to live simply and appreciate the smaller things. You will be able to learn essential lessons while enjoying the little things. Stoics practiced living with a few items to train their minds to like doing hard things. 

More social interaction

People who live in a big house have less time to spend with the family. It means that there is less social interaction and no one talks about their problems. Living in a smaller house is the opposite! There will be more time to spend together and to build relationships. That’s what having a family is all about.

How to decorate small house


As we already said, a small house is more comfortable to decorate, but it requires a great plan for doing it. It can be decorated in a unique way only if you think well before you do it. Here are some steps and tricks that you should consider when decorating your small environment:


The lighting in your room is essential. Add windows in your rooms for daylight and focus on the lighting you will use at night. If you want a cozy atmosphere, consider putting on regular lights that won’t affect your health. Focus on the lighting so you can make your home brighter. 

Add mirrors

Did you know that mirrors make smaller places look bigger? There are different types of mirrors and you can pick the one you like most. Plus, mirrors can help you reflect the natural light in places where you don’t have it enough! Be careful not to break them, because that’s seven years of bad luck. 

Put curtains

Choosing curtains with colorful prints can refresh your room so choose them wisely. If you paint your room in one color, put curtains in the opposite color so you can keep it from being monotonous. Also, hang curtains to create an illusion for the windows to look more prominent. Follow this link for more info https://timesofoman.com/article/decorate-a-small-home-without-cluttering-it


Choose smaller furniture to have more space for yourselves. You can also add a few pieces that will draw eyes and be the topic of a nice conversation. Make sure that all things fit in your small home. Go shopping with the whole family and make sure that everyone has a vote before you buy anything. 


It is best to stick to a neutral color palette, but it won’t hurt to add some fun design elements to keep it from being boring and bland. Adding a bright accent to your living room will elevate the space. The point is to keep your environment neutral, but to add some details to make it feel better and  more comfortable. 

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