Writing Assistance: How to Use It Wisely and Ethically

How often have you thought, “Who can help me write an essay?” We bet every student faces moments of frustration many times during the study process because of many reasons:

  1. Not understanding the essence of the work
  2. Having little time before submission and being stressed with pressing deadlines
  3. Having poor skills and being unable to put the ideas on paper.

In each of these situations, only one solution is possible – seeking help, either from peers and parents or from professionals. We have compiled a simple set of rules to follow in each situation described above: follow them to make the essay producing process not a nightmare but a thrilling discovery of new knowledge!

I Do Not Understand What the Essay Is about

Even if you attend classes diligently and follow all instructions of your supervisor, the situation with a lack of understanding still can happen. It is not because you study poorly; it may be simply the issue of miscommunication. If you look at the instructions but do not envision what the essay should be like in the end, do not walk in the darkness! Ask your tutor to explain the essence of the work and the structure it should follow. If the supervisor is unavailable – consult your peers and groupmates; maybe a fresh look at the situation will clarify matters. Do not start before you understand the topic and structure; otherwise, your efforts may be in vain.


Submission is Due Tomorrow!

You understand the topic and subject, you know the structure of the paper, and you have a strong knowledge about the discipline. The problem comes from a different source – you have no time to complete the task! You may have only a day, or even less – 10-12 hours – for the completion of the task. It is evening, you are tired about the hard working and studying day, and the deadline for submission is 8 a.m. tomorrow… A challenge, right? You may gather all your forces and sit down to produce the paper during the night, or may entrust the task to academic writing professionals who are able to complete the assignment within the shortest timespans. It is up to you to decide which variant to choose, and it depends on how well you can withstand long working days and nights, but our advice is – do not do so often! Chronic stress and excessive workloads can lead to serious health consequences, so why not spend some money to get the work done for you while you are sleeping and getting ready for the hard working and studying day tomorrow?


Writing Is not My Piece of Cake

Finally, the problem can come from poor writing skills; even the wisest people, the most competent professionals, and the best students can lack the writing skill and expression. It is not a death sentence to your studies; you can either dedicate titanic efforts to develop writing sophistication, or seek professional writing assistance from experienced writers who will turn your ideas into flawless pieces of writing. Choose for yourself – each variant is acceptable, it only depends on how much time you are ready to invest in that!

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