5 Essay Writing Tips

A good essay always attracts readers, irrespective of genre or length. A well-written work, however needs effort and time to compose. And the truth remains that not everyone would have the time to devote themselves till they develop good essay writing skills. Majority of students already have a tight school schedule that they are struggling to keep up with. Honing their writing skills might not be a priority for them at the moment.

However, it’s possible to gradually polish these skills by adhering to certain essay writing tips that can assist them save time, effort and energy. Plus, these tips work together to make composition writing a fun activity. They are like an essay helper of sorts; they help to get the writing work done.

When looking at tips to write a good essay, we believe the following five should be seen as the most essential:

  • Develop an essay plan

Before playing a competitive football game, there’s always a plan, or strategy designed to help the team win. The same applies to writing an essay. For almost all write-ups, irrespective of their type, the essay structure would look something like:

Introduction → Body of text or ideas to be shared/argued for or against → Conclusion.

A considerable number of essay techniques thrive with this tip. This is because having a structure on ground can help even students understand how they would arrange every information they get.

  • Research the topic

Now that you’ve gotten a foundation, you begin to research the topic you are given.  Many students find a ton of material online, and some resort to library books, magazines, even video and audio podcasts. When gathering data, make sure you gather only the relevant facts. Avoid gathering material that offers a vague description of the theme you are writing on. Pay attention to facts that can be backed up by credible sources.

For instance, if you are to write on a person’s influence on people or events, you would most likely search for the actions he took or laws he made to enact that influence. Writing about his several marriage attempts or about his brother’s death would be tagged as side-information, hence not useful.

  • Use your own words

Plagiarism is a big turn-off for any teacher or instructor who would read and/or grade the written work. This is why one of the tips always mentioned in essay composition involves being as authentic as possible without distorting the real message being conveyed. If the essay involves a defence or opposition of opinion, be sure to explain directly your reason(s) for supporting/opposing the opinion or fact. When writing, synonyms can be an excellent way to improve sentence quality.

  • Spelling, punctuation and use of words

It’s okay to make some mistakes when you work on your essay. This is where proofreading after writing your write-up is essential. Take your time to re-read what was written, and ensure that the punctuation marks are rightly placed. If your English skill isn’t that good, you can ask for help from fellow colleagues or use online spelling checkers that can aid in detecting spelling or punctuation errors that you might have bypassed. High-quality spelling and use of punctuation marks are important as they facilitate the understanding of your work. It’s generally easier to read a write-up knowing where sentences start, pause or end. Also, stick to simple words that can be understood by anyone. Avoid long, incomprehensible words as they tend to distract the reader.

  • Keep a steady flow

If you are discussing T. Roosevelt’s personal life, stick to it. Don’t start with his influence on the White House and end with his being elected to the office of the President. It is very essential to stick to the theme of discussion intended for the particular written piece. Jumbling up too many themes in a bid to appear well-read is never a good course of action. It might even bring about loss of interest in your work. Your write-up should be centred around the topic of the essay only.

We believe with these tips you can find your way around constructing essays. Just in case you aren’t very clear about anything, you can check out lots of high-rated samples online.


Jeremy Raynolds is an essay expert who has worked with a large number of students, helping them with writing their essays. He loves argumentative write-ups, but has a good deal of experience in other types as well. Jeremy is an accomplished writer who is currently leading a successful blog with more than 120 thousands of subscribers.

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