The Best Vape Flavor Paired with Your Favorite Cocktail


Drinking your favorite cocktail while socializing and enjoying your vape can be a delicious combination, but only with the right pairings. Sometimes your drink can really mask the delectable taste of your vape, so you want to make sure you are using a strong vape flavor that compliments your cocktail perfectly!

Champagne has a sparkling and light taste that goes well with strawberry tobacco e-juice flavor. And champagne isn’t that only cocktail that goes well with the berry! Strawberry flavor along with other crisp fruit flavors like peach and apricot flavors also compliments white wine well. If you like red wines, try a cinnamon or chocolate flavor. These strong flavors pair great with a merlot and other red wines.

Maybe your favorite cocktail happens to be a lemon drop martini or another lemon cocktail like Limoncello. Experiment with combining a couple different flavors to. Try a creamy chocolate flavor by itself or even adding a hint of mint flavor. The mint really highlights the lemon flavor in these refreshing and tasty cocktails. If you are going with a cocktail that is less sweet, like vodka drinks, consider adding a sweet flavor vape juice like cotton candy or even fruity flavors.

If you are more into drinking the darker liquors like whiskey, go with trying something a little different like a green apple flavor. Crown Royal has their own flavor of green apple and whiskey because for some reason the two just go well together! Root beer is another strong vape flavor that is delicious and is best paired with a rum and coke drink. Or even if you are just drinking shots of rum, the root beer flavor adds a little extra spice. If you want a stronger kick, a weed vaporiser may just be the perfect match for hard drinks.

Choosing the right flavor of tobacco for your vape that mixes well with your drink of choice can make for an even tastier night. There are many options of flavors and combinations you can try, but these give you a good idea and starting point of what flavors pair well with each other. So, the next time you indulge on some cocktails while enjoying your vape, make sure you are considering which flavors mix well together!

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