Cocktails Perfect for the Holidays

It is Thanksgiving week and Christmas is just around the corner and that means there will be parties and drinks. To get into the spirit, try these tasty cocktails for the holidays!

Holiday Cocktails

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If you are looking for a drink made with fig, mix together a Fig and Bourbon Fizz. You just need to have fig fruit spread, any bourbon of your choice and vanilla cream soda. Mix an ounce of the fig spread with 4 ounces cream soda and 1½ ounces of bourbon with ice. Make sure to mix it up well so the fruit spread separates and mixes with the liquids.

Love those Red Hot candies? Well the Gold & Spicy cocktail tastes just like them. Just be very careful with this drink because it is very delicious and also very full of alcohol. It is made with basically just tequila and Goldschlager. But it goes down smooth!

Apple Martini

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Looking for a martini? Grab some butterscotch schnapps and green apple vodka. Mix the two in a shaker and pour over ice. You can decorate the glass with caramel syrup and enjoy. Or mix together some vanilla vodka, pumpkin schnapps, a dash of cream and a little bit of nutmeg with some cinnamon along the rim and you have a yummy pumpkin pie martini.

Apple cider is very tasty and popular this time of year. The Apple Pie a la Mode cocktail is like a chilled apple drink. Take chilled apple cider and add some vanilla vodka and cinnamon, as simple as that.

Pumpkin Bomb

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If you want a break from the cocktails and want to indulge in a shot, try a Pumpkin Bomb. Choose your favorite pumpkin beer and pour it in a pint glass. Mix ¾ of Pinnacle Whipped with ¼ of Goldschlager in a shot glass. Drop the shot glass in the glass of beer and chug away. They really taste like pumpkin pie and they are a lot of fun to drink.

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