Coping With Excitement, Spoilers And Loss: A Game Of Thrones Guide To Life With And Without It

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Spoiler alert! If your timeline is already filled with Game of Thrones gossip and you’re not yet caught up, you might want to look away – season seven so far is too good not to discuss!

With the penultimate season finally on the air, we’re now starting to get into the swing of things, with the action starting to get as explosive as we’ve become accustomed to in the previous ones before it.

What Have We Learned So Far?

Well, we learned that Ed Sheeran cameos really get the world talking! In fact, the poor singer, unfortunately, had to quit Twitter after he appeared alongside Arya Stark because people just wouldn’t leave him alone about it (although he says that’s not the only reason why). Luckily for him though, the actress who plays her, Maisie Williams, is a fan in real life, so that’s the important part that really matters.

On to more serious issues, Jon Snow and Daenerys have finally had their long-awaited meeting. Arguably, one of the most anticipated moments of the entire Game of Thrones world, the moment was not a disappointment. Equal parts tense and bittersweet (after all, this is the beginning of the end), it was also oddly satisfying to see them coming together on the same page, which is something the Queen of Dragons really needs right now to remain on top. Who knows, could a romance be on the cards?

Finally, Cersei is certainly getting her moment in the sun, but insiders say it may be short-lived – perhaps she’d better watch her back! Of course, there’s loads more going on, but, really, it’s so much better if you just watch it.

“GOT” Patience?

Fans face a dilemma though. Whether you’re waiting patiently for the next episode week-to-week or you just can’t access the latest series wherever you are, there’s a tonne of patience involved with being an avid GOT fan. Unlike other series of the modern age (such as Orange Is The New Black), you can’t just stick on Netflix for a binge of the new series, because they only air one episode at the time. You have to go back to the times when we couldn’t do that, with the added stress of social media threatening to spoil things before you can catch up! However, you can stream what has already aired, thanks to SkyGo and Now TV. You’re welcome!

To avoid reading anything you really didn’t want to, you can bring the series to yourself in much more private ways. There are plenty of games centring on the franchise, which ultimately help to bring it to life. The official GOT slot game, for example – which can be found on the website if you click here – opens up a realm of possibilities, battles, and the opportunity to take a side (let’s face it, you’ve been doing that all along, except just shouting at the TV). You’ll find all your favourite characters in the game, as well as each Westeros House, along with many other true-to-TV features. Alternative games include testing your knowledge; thanks to trivia quizzes online, you can challenge yourself (and friends) to see what you really know.

How Will We Cope When It’s Over?

You’ll always be able to watch previous seasons after the eighth airs next year. Of course, those cliff-hangers won’t have quite as much meaning when we know what’s happening after, but it’ll be great all the same. Fans can also look forward to a prequel, which is set to feature four individual spin-off episodes. However, these are not going to deal with the characters we know and love. Regardless, writer George R.R. Martin has created an entire universe, and we can enjoy all of his amazing material for the rest of time.

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