Japan’s Mario Themed Cafe


Courtesy of grubstreet.com

It is hard to believe that Nintendo released Super Mario Bros 30 years ago. It is one of the most popular games and could probably easily be argued the best game of all time. A lot of gamers have become ultimate fans of Mario and his friends. So three cities in Japan opened a café dedicated to Mario.

Three Tower Records store opened a Mario themed café for two-weeks in three different cities in Japan. The café was complete with Mario-themed food and drinks like the Mario latte, a Super Star rice omelet, Banana Block Tira Misu, Ground Stage Waffle or a Piranha Plant Soda. These were just some items on the menu, there were plenty more to chose from.

Mario Cafe

Courtesy of wp.foodbeast.com

The Mario Café also had scratch off tickets with prizes and discounts. Of course everything was Mario themed. Also, all customers received a limited edition Mario game coaster. It really was the ultimate experience for any Mario and Nintendo fan.

The cafes in Japan were open for the last two weeks in June, but hopefully they were such a success that something like this could turn into a full-time café. I know a lot of Nintendo fans would love to come visit and dine at a Super Mario Bros themed café!

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