Movie Predictions from Past Movies

Whether it be a hover board from Back to the Future, some top of the range memory loss tools from MIB or, of course, a lightsaber from Star Wars, all of us have watched a movie and truly wished the wonderful technological creations were a part of our everyday lives.

But just how high should we set our expectations? Sometimes reality and fantasy don’t quite cross over as we’d hope, and we’re left merely dreaming about the inventions that would change our lives for good…

That’s why vouchercloud has compiled an infographic profiling the ‘Future Technology we can Expect from Films’, bringing together some of the best tech and tools from Star Wars – and other technically-tempting movies – and researched just how soon we could be seeing them make an appearance in the real world.

From casual space travel to self driving cars, let us walk you through some technology from the distant – and hopefully not-so-distant – future, and see just how long you’ll be left waiting for that product you’ve always dreamed of.


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