Nintendo Switch: Use of Online Casino Success Key to Emphatic Popularity

The Nintendo Switch came four years after the PS4 and Xbox One. But, the late release seems to have worked in Nintendo’s favour, and now it could very well exceed the milestones set by the ever-dominant PS4.

As reported by Twinfinite the Switch and PS4 are very comparable. After 16 months on the market, the PS4 hit 20 million sales. But, after a mere 11 months on the market, the Nintendo Switch had reached 17.79 million sales.

The Switch appears to be following in the footsteps of online casinos to deliver an incredible experience.

Online casinos prove that more games is better

Source: Test the Tech, via Twitter

Like online casinos, the Nintendo Switch offers a wide range of games crossing all genres and themes. There are usually upwards of ten new games each week.

The console combines smaller games that are quick and easy to play alongside its many triple-A titles, such as Mario Kart 8, Crash Bandicoot, and WWE 2K18. This strategy has proven to work with gamers as online casinos fill their virtual shelves with hundreds of games ranging from indie titles by small developers to huge games that boast pop-culture themes, such as Jurassic World.

The small and simple online casino games are easy to play and have proven to be very popular online and on mobile. One of the things you might not know about Roxy Palace is that the site offers hundreds of slots, delivering a varied and high-quality experience for players.

In using a similar strategy, the Nintendo Switch has been able to stay fresh and relevant to all gamers.

Enjoy games anywhere

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast, via Twitter

It always used to be that gamers had to play triple-A games at home on non-portable devices and then turn to mobile phone games or handheld consoles to play seemingly inferior games. The Nintendo Switch has changed this, just as online casinos did. Online casinos adapted to offer their same game suite in the form of a mobile app, as well as their usual website to expand their audience. With the Switch, it plugs into a port for play on a television and can be used as a tablet to play triple-A games on the go.

Given the dominance of mobile gaming, it comes as no surprise that the portable Nintendo Switch and its vast, high-quality game offering has become immensely popular among all gamers.

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