Sleeping Pill or Sleep Robot: Should We be Embracing Them?

In times when it can be increasingly difficult to establish sound, high-quality sleep as part of a healthy lifestyle, sometimes people may need to turn to alternative methods to help them achieve this.

A traditional way to assist in getting you off to sleep consistently of an evening is to take medication such as a sleeping pill. This has been tried and tested all over the world through the years and certainly helps a large number of people. Alternatively, for those looking for a more natural, herbal-based solution, sleep drops can be useful in promoting sweeter dreams and deeper slumber.

New on the scene is the sleep robot, which essentially does the same thing as a sleeping pill; get you to sleep (with any luck). So, this poses the question that people who might be struggling with good sleep on a regular basis and are looking to correct this; Sleeping Pill or Sleep Robot: Should We be Embracing Them?

We take a look at both and see how in their different ways they can help you to successfully get an on-going better quality of sleep.

Sleeping Pills

As it’s the oldest, we’re kicking things off with the sleeping pill. When taken properly, sleeping pills offer a wonderful benefit to people who are enduring the inability to get themselves some restful sleep, the official Sleep Advisor website states.

Of course, you have to consider that there can be side effects to sleep medication is used in a way that isn’t recommended, so it’s important that if you are going to give sleeping pills as a method to enjoy a good night’s sleep that you follow the guidance of a medical professional.

You may also be wondering just how these medicines work on your brain and body to get you off to sleep.

Essentially, all sleep medications work on your brain as a way of encouraging drowsiness. Particular drugs are expressly designed as useful sleep aids, while others are medicines that come with sedation as one or more of their side effects.

However, timing is important with taking sleeping pills; after all, you don’t want the sleepy effect they have to persist after you wake up.

a great way to reduce this One way to minimise the threat of daytime lethargy is to take a sleeping pill at the right time of night. So, unless advised, you should be taking most sleeping pills just before you get into bed.

What’s more, only take these sleeping pills when you are able to get a full night’s sleep. This, therefore, means that you should take the medication no fewer than seven to eight hours before you plan on waking up.  It’s worth remembering this as research highlighted how many people are taking sleeping pills during the night.

Doing this will leave you at risk of problems such as what’s referred to as ‘sleep driving’. That said if you are finding it hard to combat the stresses of poor sleep, visit your GP who will be able to prescribe sleeping pills to remedy this.

There’s nothing at all wrong with taking medication to help sleep, and before you know it your life will be far more invigorated when your sleep is plentiful and wholesome!

Sleep Robot

It’s not what you might be picturing; the sleep robot kind of mirrors the image of a big kidney bean crossed with an unfinished cuddly toy!

Essentially, you are supposed to cuddle in or spoon the sleep robot. To bring sleep into play, your breathing must be slow and even. If you’ve ever tried to go to sleep if your breathing is erratic, although if you find it hard to doze off at night then this is something that can well play on your mind.

So, the sleep robot comes on the scene, and as you hold it, you will be drawn into mirroring your breathing with its steady, slow rhythm subconsciously. This will help you to find sound slumber.

Its designers claimed that during the testing they “fell asleep faster, we slept longer. Once people we didn’t know started reaching out to us because they were having a hard time falling asleep, that was the moment we decided this shouldn’t be just an academic project.”

What’s breathing got to do with it though? Well, the 4-7-8 Breathing Method, which has been popularised over recent years puts forward the notion that doing this helps to reduce stress and encourage sleep.

It was also reported that while being effective, people found it tricky due to the focus and discipline needed for it to work.

As humans have an innate habit of copying those we interact with, the idea that as you hold the sleep robot you will subconsciously adjust your own breathing and be soothed off to sleep.

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? A nice cuddle with a sleep robot is better than having one with someone who’ll steal the covers, so it’s a win-win, right? You can find out more about the sleep robot on the Somnox website.

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