What to Avoid in a Man Cave

If you are considering building a man cave, there are some things you need to avoid in the process. These are 11 elements that you should not incorporate into your man cave. With these items pointed out, in the final analysis, you can include whatever you want in a man cave, even these items to avoid, if you desire.

Vanity Mirrors

Avoid vanity mirrors in your man cave. A man cave is designed to be a retreat, not a place where you primp.

Keep in mind that vanity mirrors should be avoided in a man cave, a mirrored wall is a different concept. A mirrored wall can be a good addition. It can expand the appearance of the man cave.

Limit Paint Colors

Some guys go overboard when it comes to painting the walls of a man cave. When considering the paint scheme for your man cave, limit the total number of colors on the wall to four or less. As an aside, consider the color scheme of the remainder of your home when you determine what you will be using in your main cave. You likely don’t want to come up with something that is very different from the remainder of your residence.

Anything Abstract

Don’t fill your man cave with abstract art and design. Keep it more realistic. Abstract art and design is perfect for a gallery or a museum. But, it doesn’t work appropriately in a man cave.

Too Many Cushions

Family rooms and other spaces are enhanced with the addition of multiple cushions or pillows. The same cannot be said of adding a bunch of cushions, let alone pillows, to a man cave. Avoid these types of additions. On the other hand, a nice, comfy recliner always works in a man cave.

Flowery Wallpaper

Man caves sometimes grow out of rooms that are being repurposed. There is nothing wrong with that. However, if the space features something like flowery wallpaper, it really must go if you want a serious man cave. Even if you think flowery wallpaper might work as something of a joke, it will not. The same holds true for any wallcovering that has a lighter style or appearance.

Lacy Curtains

You also need to consider preexisting curtains when it comes to refashioning a space used for something else into a man cave. You need to pay special attention to the curtains or window coverings that preexist the creation of the man cave. No lacy or frilly curtains or window coverings.

Persian Rugs

In some man caves, Persian rugs may be an acceptable edition. However, as a general rule, unless there exists a cultural for Persian rugs in your man cave, you probably will want to avoid adding them. Absent some sort of cultural connection keep Persian rugs out of your man cave.

String Lights

As a general rule, don’t string up twinkle or similar lights in your man cave. There are some exceptions to this admonition. There are now some string lights that feature things like insignia from sports teams. These types of string lights can work in a man cave. You might also consider hanging seasonal man caves during different types of the year. For example, shamrock string lights can be solid for St. Patrick’s Day. Or you may consider other lighting options instead, like neon signs. This is a great way to add a trendy vintage neon vibe to your venue, and you can even get a personalized bar sign to add some character and create a great atmosphere.

Straw Anything

Straw anything should be kept out of a man cave. No straw chair, no straw rugs — no straw anything. If you want something natural, don’t get straw chairs, get wooden ones.

Too Many Windows

When trying to decide where to locate your man cave in your residence, go for a space that doesn’t have too many windows. It is called a man cave, after all. You want your man cave to feel like a special space, a place where you can retreat. Too many windows make a room seem like an open space, rather than a retreat like a man cave. An idea man cave is situated with perhaps a window or two and a skylight. If your man cave is located in the basement, that locality typically solves the window issue on its own.

Ban on Posters

If you are like many homeowners, you or your spouse may have a general ban on posters on the walls of your home. If such a ban exists, you need to lift it when it comes to your man cave. Odds are fairly strong that you may want to hang posters on the walls of your man cave. This particularly is the case if you will be using some sort of sports theme for your man cave, which is fairly commonplace.


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