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The weather in Illinois can be pretty unbearable if your air conditioner unit suddenly breaks down in the middle of summer. You may not be able to stay inside your rooms, and the humidity in the house will make you sweat profusely.

The repairs in Elgin are affordable, provided that you’re going to get the right technicians. You can know more about the professionals’ services on sites like and learn more about the unit you have. You may have often set the wrong thermostat setting, and it’s just a simple problem that you can fix yourself. Here are some common issues that need to be repaired by technicians near Elgin.

Common Problems with Air Conditioning Systems

1. Filters

The filters can cause your AC to malfunction, so make sure that it’s not clogged or dirty. If you don’t clean the filters enough, dirt, grime, dust, and bacteria may build-up. You should follow the instructions from your brand’s manufacturer on when is the right time to change your filters.

Many will recommend that you change them at least once every six months, while others may suggest annual replacements. Many filters are reusable, and they can be cleaned with soap and water when you notice that they are dirty. However, in some types of ACs, you may want to contact an expert to do a thorough cleaning so that the air circulating in your rooms will be fresher as well. 

Check if light can pass through your filters. If not, then it may be high time to get a contractor that can work on the maintenance and assemble the unit back afterwards. There are times that the air conditioner’s interior freezes because the airflow is blocked, so you may want to get a thorough check-up as well.

2. Thermostats

Thermostats are easier to fix, and they are the ones in charge of the temperature inside your home. If the inside of the device is clean, then there’s nothing to worry about. Just make sure that it is turned on and it’s not going to be affected by sunlight. 

If you notice that the room is not cool enough, you may want to check the thermostat numbers. Learn more about thermostat on this site here. But if the problem persists, an expert can identify the underlying issues that you may have in your device.

3. Leaks on the Refrigerant

There are times when the coolant starts to leak from your unit. If this happens, the AC won’t work and perform correctly. You may experience cold temperatures that suddenly drop to warm levels. The fluctuating can be harmful to everyone’s health as the body won’t have time to adjust.

The fix is sometimes to seal the leak, and trained technicians can do this. If you don’t want to spend more on repairs, it’s advisable to have yearly examinations done by licensed HVAC contractors in Elgin.

4. Fuses and Breakers

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The breakers will safeguard the compressor and the motor from issues like overheating. The technicians will check your electricity and fuse boxes to ensure that they can carry the voltage and electricity needed to operate your appliance. Know more on how the appliance work here: When the motor suddenly dies, you may need to increase your breaker’s capacity, or you need to transfer the unit to another electrical source to avoid interruption.

5. No Proper Drainage

The drainage can be clogged by lint, dust, dirt, and pollen. If they remain this way, you will find the pan to fill up more than what it can handle, and the front of your split-types may drip water. For a time, the appliance will not perform correctly, and you may sweat a lot during the hottest time of the year. The leak will also cause damage to the devices around the air conditioner and the pan, so it’s best if you get a technician to check things out.

6. Capacitors

The capacitors are responsible for making the compressor and the motor work. The capacitor will start and send a jolt for the activation of the motor component. While everything is running, a series of additional jolts are provided to make the appliance running smoothly. If the capacitor components burn out, the AC won’t run efficiently. Your contractor will advise you if you need a repair or a replacement if this happens.

7. Compressor

The compressor is where the refrigerant or Freon gets the energy to go through the coils. They function in the heat exchange, and they are essential components in cooling the interior of your house. 

If the compressor is damaged, your home won’t be cooled, and if there’s not enough refrigerant, these components will be hotter as time goes by, and they will eventually cease working. Too much refrigerant can also cause it to malfunction, so it’s better to get an expert to check things out and know where your unit stands.

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