What Credit Card Readers Accept Android Pay

Credit Card machine and cards

No matter if you own a beauty salon or a health food store, you most likely already know that credit card processing is a huge asset to have in your business. Gone are the days where businesses only accept cash or check. While there may still be a few of those out there, the majority of businesses know that offering multiple payment options is the way to go. The way consumers pay for their products today is changing with the advancement in technology, such as smartphone and smart watches, etc. With the introduction of Android pay and other models for different types of phones, credit processing is a must.

What Credit Card Readers Accept These Methods?

There are a variety of options out there to choose from that accept the Android pay. Whether you’re in the market for a new credit card reader or you just need a new company to work with, Merchant Account Solutions has the options you are looking for. With this company, you’ll gain personalized solutions for your specific business that allows you to accept a variety of payment options. They offer a wide variety of different credit card processing technologies, which include credit card terminals and point of sale terminals. They have all types of solutions for your type of business, whether you need something stationary or something more mobile, such as the Clover Flex Pos , which enables your employees to accept payments all at the palm of their hands.

Options Available

Merchant Account Solutions offers a variety of terminals such as the smart swipe credit card reader, which is iOS and Android based, in order to help you accept all forms of electronic payment. Whether it’s an e-check, Android pay, or the newer chip cards, with several options to choose from you’ll be able to increase your sales and save on your current processing fees. The equipment is provided at no charge to you and it offers a valuable asset in keeping clients happy and getting your payment quicker than having to process a check. It also reduces risk as you are not keeping too much cash on-hand.

Merchant Account Solutions provides you an easy way to process Android pay, get your money deposited the next day, and affordable options to help your customers feel comfortable and ready to purchase more products from you.

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