Here Comes the Fun Part: 4 Wedding Reception Activities Your Guests Will Love

In 2017, there were over 2 million marriages in the U.S.!

These numbers haven’t really changed since the 1990s, which means romance is still alive and strong today.

Perhaps you’re madly in love and are joining the other 2 million or so people in wedded bliss. But what to do after your vows?

If you’re stumped on wedding reception activities, then don’t worry—we’ve got you covered!

Here are 4 wonderful ideas that your guests will love.

1. Giant Lawn Games

Are you having an outdoor wedding? Or is your venue spacious? Then you might want to think about putting some giant lawn games in!

For example, you can have Jenga, Connect 4, or a ring toss set up. That way, everyone can get their competitive spirits up!

When you have games available, this ensures that no one will be sitting back and yawning. Both kids and adults alike will be more than happy to participate.

You can even split everyone up into 2 teams: Team Bride and Team Groom. May the best team win!

2. Photo Booth

Who doesn’t like to take pictures?

And what better way to commemorate the occasion than with a photo booth, complete with silly outfits, outlandish props, and customized photo printouts?

All throughout the night, your guests will have fun cramming into the booth to take funny photos. Not only can they take copies home with them, but you can also get one as well.

These are perfect for putting into your wedding photo album!

3. Play Drinking

Everyone remembers those old college days where they’d play games, take shots, get drunk, and have a merry old time.

If you’re inviting a bunch of your college buddies to your wedding reception, this can be a great way to reminisce.

However, you don’t want your guests (or yourself!) to get too drunk—this can definitely ruin a good time. You can substitute the beer or shots in games with water or soda so everyone can pace themselves better.

Plus, that way, everyone can join in, including the kids and those who don’t drink!

4. Dabble in the Occult

If you need ideas for wedding entertainment, you should consider hiring a mind reader or a fortune teller.

While you should always take these readings with a grain of salt, they can still be very fun and exciting to do.

Both you and your guests can take turns getting predictions on how many kids you’ll have, what house you’ll live in, and where you’ll move to. And you can try and see if you can trick the mind reader and see if you can get some false readings out of him!

Put on Fun and Amazing Wedding Reception Activities

With all these ideas for wedding reception activities, you’ll have plenty of things to keep your guests occupied. Especially if you have a country club wedding reception.

So use our above tips as inspiration so you can put on a reception that’s unforgettable!

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