House Cleaning Workout: 7 Exercises to Build Strength and Stay in Shape

Trying to stay in shape but not able to due to housework and just generally being too busy? Tired of having to keep up with a body that you’re not particularly fond of? Well, fret not, here are 7 House Cleaning Workouts that will hit two birds with one stone!

Here are workouts that’ll not only get you closer to that summer body you’ve desperately hoped for, but also leave your house clean once you are done!

  1. When you need to vacuum wood floors, position your torso in a way that you lunge to a complete 90 degrees. This exercise is hard will be good for your thighs, hips and buttocks. Thus, some good will come to your body after all that vacuuming! It’s better to do this with the best vacuum for hardwood floors to make it easier on yourself. Heck, you may even start looking forward to this cleaning ritual.
  2. When cleaning the door frames, position yourself and the equipment you use in such a way that you perform squats as you clean! This may seem off-putting at first, but keep doing it regularly and not only will it keep your door frames in good shape, but also you.
  3. When cleaning the floor, desk, or a surface in your reach, place your body in such a way that it becomes an exercise for your arms and makes you stretch, this will be good for letting your sweat off the unnecessary fat resting on you and in the process give you stronger and durable arms along with a more flexible physique which will be durable against exertion and grant you more stamina for the days ahead.
  4. Every time you see things at the bottom of the stairs, make it a habit to take them upstairs or where they’re supposed to be, this’ll result in burning of calories on a regular basis while preventing a mess from forming.
  5. While waiting for something that you’re cooking or microwaving to be done, there is window for minor exercises like stretches or squats, there’s plenty more you can come up with as you start doing it, but spare it a thought.
  6. Listen to encouraging music as you work about the house, that’ll kindle a more proactive spirit in you that’ll be more willing to workout and give you the motivation that you need to face the day, and to face it with exercise!
  7. Pick up things by squatting, yes, just as it sounds. Pick things up by squatting instead of bending over completely, it’ll be a little tiring at first, but will really benefit your body in the long run.

While these have been in brief the Seven House Cleaning Workouts, here are a few more that you can consider as you go about your day:

  • Working in the garden itself can also be considered a workout,
  • activities like digging, mowing the lawn, planting or weeding can burn a lot of calories than you may think.
  • Even moving furniture, granted you use the right posture can also be a workout of sorts.
  • Carrying your groceries in smaller quantities from the car will increase the number of times you go to and fro, adding to your exercise.

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