How to Care for Your Engagement Ring

Do you know when you care for your ring, you preserve its beauty and increase its life span? Your engagement ring is one valuable possession because of the monetary and sentimental value. Hence you may need to take deliberate measures to ensure you maintain its longevity and beauty. Highlighted below are some tips on how to care for your engagement rings.

Clean Your Ring Regularly

Your ring needs cleaning since dirt and residue may lodge in it. The uncleaned ring will look dull instead of bright. Some jeweler’s clean rings for free and so you can ask for help from them. However, you can also clean yourself by taking a bowl full of lukewarm water and adding a little dish detergent. Place your ring in this water for like ten minutes. Get the ring out and brush it bristly. Set the ring back in the water while you continue brushing. Rinse it off properly and then dry it using a hair drier.

When cleaning your rings, whether it’s diamond or silicone rings, avoid abrasive chemicals and bleach. These substances will damage the metal.

Buy A Ring with A Warranty

Some jewelers will offer a warranty for their rings. The guarantee may include services like repair or replacement, re-polishing, cleaning service, and prong tightening. When you buy your ring from a reputable vendor, you can always seek these after-sale services even after some prolonged time.

Insuring Your Ring

You can ensure your engagement ring depending on its value. If its value is high, you can have your ring appraised and then get an insurance cover for a complete replacement. Although if your ring is damaged or lost, you can’t replace its sentimental value with insurance, you will get another one.

When you insure your engagement ring, you can have it appraised after some time to determine its current value.

Take Your Engagement Ring for Check-up

You can take your ring for a professional check-up at least twice a year. A qualified jeweler may be able to identify a problem with your ring that you dint know exists. When you wear your ring daily, the prongs may loosen, causing any stones to fall. So, take your ring to any jeweler, even if you didn’t buy it from them for a professional check-up.

Storing Your Ring Safely

You may wear your engagement ring daily. But if you decide to remove it, you need to ensure you keep it in a safe spot. It’s best to keep your jeweler case in a locked box or fireproof safe for security if you are traveling.

Remove Your Ring During Strenuous Activity

It’s better to take off your ring during hands-on activities like weight lifting, moving furniture, or even gardening. When you go swimming, you may also need to remove your ring. Taking your engagement ring off during these activities not only increases its life lifespan but also ensures you don’t lose it.

It’s best to also remove your ring before doing dishes. By doing this, you don’t expose it to harsh chemicals or knock it on hard surfaces.

There are several types of rings available such as silicone rings, diamonds, and many more. No matter which one you have, you will need to care for your ring. Take care of your ring by cleaning it regularly, storing it safely, removing it during hands-on activities, ensuring your ring, and buying a ring with a warranty.

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