How to Tell if a Guy has a Small Package – Signs and Facts

Even though men tend to shy away from topics revolving around penis size, the truth is that they are concerned about their sizes deep down. And, the penile size makes them have the confidence to hang around women or carry themselves in high self-esteem.

However, women tend to vary in liking and sometimes make men wonder what they want. A gigantic dick isn’t an assurance of steamy bedroom performance. Being a top-performer between the sheets requires a good mastery of craft to ensure your lover gets an orgasm. 

So, having a small package or not doesn’t have to be a too serious issue. You can tell your partner about your size or leave them guessing if you fear getting dumped. 

How Small Is a Small Penis? 

When talking about large or small, the terms are relative. And, statistics show that a good percentage of the male population has their dick close to the average penis size. While you may think you have a small dick size, even the smallest penis work in the best ways for both men and women matters sexual satisfaction.

A study by UCLA indicates that a vast majority of women, about 84% think that their partner’s penises are okay. It happens so because all they need is just penetration to achieve orgasm during sex. So, there is no small penis when you aim to get a pleasurable moment. All you have to know is mastering the play and getting sexual satisfaction.

Signs of Small Package Guys:

If you want to know the type of package your guy has, you can keep guessing but will only be sure if you go down there. You face him off and ask, but when you suspect that it falls under the small category, justify through the following ways:

  • Over Jealousy

Jealousy is a popular way of telling if your man has a small dick. What is your man’s overall behavior when you are around male colleagues, family members, male friends, or even pets? If he gets upset when you hang out often with pets or friends, it is a sign pointing to the small package.

Extreme jealousy is a glaring sign that your guy is suffering from a small penis syndrome. And, you should dodge such behavior if you have to stay with the man. Most of the time, his small sausage will be the idea crossing his mind as the reason for you to look for men with sizeable manhood.

If you can put up with the insecurity, the better and if not possible, find a way of talking to him to understand you or call it quits. 

  • Generous Giver

To make up for the small sausages, men tend to be cheerful through the tongue. Unlike the ones gifted with big dicks, the small-sized men will always have the time to take about everything when in their company. At no time will he pressure you to get cozy with him because he knows what awaits you in the long run.

Besides, you can also easily note a guy with a tiny tallywacker when he spends a lot of time in foreplay. You will get that he is excellent in oral sex that covers up for the small thing. They use the tongue to do a great job to show their lots of experience to ensure you get carried away, not to recognize the small manhood. 

  • Has a Huge Ego

One thing people with small dicks perfect is their ego. Once you interact with them at the club, in the office, or whichever place, he will talk high of himself, the people he interacts with, the type of parties he attends, the people in his circle, and even the women of class he dates. But one indication with this type of personality is micropenis. 

And, it’s the disorder that makes them brag a lot. The best to do when you interact with such a man is to ignore him. Often they want to create an illusion that they are better than silver but, in the real sense, are a stained rock. 

  • Size Never Matters Commentator

Another way to know a man with a small dick is from his type of argument. If a man ever defends that penis size doesn’t matter, then take it that he has a small one and is trying to cover up. 

If your man always has such statements, know that sausages are waiting for you when you get down there. He will brainwash you if you’ve never experienced a sizeable dick. 

  • Likes Overcompensating

A man having a small dick doesn’t like it himself because he has an inadequacy feeling. So, to become complete, they do compensate it in their behaviors. Watch out for a guy who likes magnifying everything he does, for example purchasing big TV, having a big home, going for big watches, etc. 

Often they will offer compensation in everything, and this habit can be boring. Always check out for such a heads up when you want to know the size of your man. 

  • Small Feet

A friend of mine jokingly told a cousin that his shoe size indicates that he walks a lesser man. And we were all perplexed about the statement. However, after some scouring the internet, the small feet show some little beef between his thighs. Others also associate the length of the fingers and the nose to the size of the manhood. 

The fact that a man has small feet isn’t a guarantee that his dick is also tiny. At times the looks can be deceiving, and in turn, you’ll get massive manhood. Even though you can use this narrative, know that it is never a hundred percent true. 

Foot size doesn’t matter, and if you want to debunk everything, ask your guy about his size or get down there and witness it yourself. 

Final Note:

You can use the tricks listed above to ascertain if your man is of the small package or not. But ensure that the size doesn’t carry the day because you might miss other important features of a good man by concentrating on manhood alone.

Besides, getting a steamy performance from a man doesn’t require a big or a small dick. Regardless of the size, the man must perfect his act to ensure his lover reaches orgasms and yearns for more pleasurable moments in the future. All in all, we hope the tips will help you know if your man has a small package. 

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