Putting Your Best Foot Forward – First Date Advice

Got a first date with a beautiful girl coming up and want to maximise your chances of it going well? Dating can be hard, nerve-wracking even, but despite these facts few people ever take the time to truly prepare for all aspects of a date. Which seems a poor approach to take, don’t just hope, take some time and prepare for the event and you might just surprise yourself with how well it goes.

Tip 1:

Be on time. There is no such thing as fashionably late when it is just the two of you meeting up. If you’re not there on time and they are, they’re left with the discomfort of hanging out by themselves wherever you two had decided to meet up. Show up on time, and if lateness is unavoidable, let her know as early as possible. If you don’t you might end up missing out altogether as a recent study on Reddit showed people would only wait around 15 minutes at most.

Tip 2:

Look your best. Yes it might seem shallow but your looks matter, mutual attraction is a big deal in a successful relationship and pretending it is not is a bit silly. Wear something you know you look good in, sort your hair out. If it’s thinning try something like Biothik to give you a boost in thickness. Wear nice shoes, women always notice the shoes.

Tip 3:

Ask good questions. On a date, you want to be getting to know each other, a back and forth flow of conversation. All too often one of the participants spends the whole time talking about themselves, and on the flipside a shy person might not talk about themselves enough. Be ready with a story or two if the conversation peters out for a bit. A good story can save a date, be warned.

Tip 4:

Know what you are going to do on the date. Nothing is less attractive to a woman than indecisiveness, so don’t be that guy. Have at least a general idea of what you are going to do when you meet up, and follow through but be open to suggestions from your date. A reservation is always a good idea even if you don’t end up using it. Going from restaurant to packed restaurant for an hour is not fun for anyone involved, don’t let that happen to you.

Tip 5:

Compliment her, but be specific. A good compliment goes a long way, but too many complements and too general complements will make you look like a simpering idiot. If you notice she’s taken a lot of time with her hair, compliment it. If you find the conversation fun, say that. Don’t go overboard though.

Tip 6: Be yourself! There is no point in having a great date with someone if you’re playing a character the whole time and that character is what the person likes. If you just behave in your genuine way and it doesn’t work out, that’s a good result too! Onward to finding the person who fits with the real you.

Hopefully these tips help out next time you’ve got a first date lined up, have fun!

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