Why Your Greenwood IN AC System and Thermostat Stopped Working

Does your AC thermostat refuse to work? Does it go blank? These small devices are of tremendous importance for the entire HVAC system, capable of causing system failure. There are plenty of reasons why these gadgets stop working, such as dead batteries, grimes, improper installation, etc.

When coping with a faulty thermostat, make sure you hire HVAC experts, like Excel Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, providing installation, replacement, and repair services. 

Learn about the most common causes why thermostats stop working. 

The batteries died

Thermostats often refuse to work due to a problem with the batteries. In order for these devices to function properly, they need to be supplied with power. When the batteries are dead, they lack the required power to turn on. Consequently, the AC system won’t receive a message to start working. 

Almost all thermostats warn homeowners about their low power levels through a message on the screen. Whenever you see such a message, make sure you replace the batteries as soon as possible. Even if there’s no warning, but the AC system fails to switch on, replacing the batteries of these temperature regulating devices is the simplest method to restore the system function. 

Moreover, when the batteries aren’t the cause of the malfunction, try checking the breaker. It happens for breakers to trip because of an electrical issue, which is why you need to check the switch. After flipping the switch back to its previous condition, the screen is supposed to restore its function. If the screen remains blank, the issue might be more serious. 

It requires cleaning

Another common but often neglected cause of thermostat issues is the buildup of grime and dirt inside the device. Initially, you’ll notice a change in temperature due to the inability of the gadget to measure it correctly. Nevertheless, the more grime accumulates in the device, the more likely it is to stop working. In fact, grime is considered harmful to the function of the entire AC system. Visit this site to check out some easy steps to keep your AC unit running smoothly. 

After checking the lifespan of the batteries, try removing the cover and cleaning the contacts. You can either use a piece of paper or a soft brush to remove the grime. Once the grime is eliminated, the device is expected to restore its power. To be on the safe side, make sure you get in touch with HVAC experts to clean it professionally.

A broken thermostat

Dead batteries and grime aren’t the only factors inducing thermostat failure. Sometimes, the core of the issue is much more serious, such as a broken gadget. The average lifespan of these devices is ten years, after which they have to be replaced with new ones. In case your thermostat is old, this is probably the main reason it has stopped working. 

The older the device, the higher the chances it has broken down. When suspecting such an issue, contact HVAC experts to determine whether it really has to be replaced. If so, this professional will choose one of the latest programmable models and repair your AC system. 

Incorrect installation

AC systems often fail to switch on due to an improper installation of the thermostat. These devices should be installed by HVAC experts in order to avoid loose wiring. In order for the gadget to be installed correctly, the wires are supposed to be secured tightly. 

Incorrect wiring can be detrimental to the function of the thermostat, which is why homeowners aren’t advised to perform such a task. Upon noticing loose wiring, hire a professional to wire the device correctly. Follow this link, https://www.thespruce.com/what-thermostat-terminal-letters-mean-1152699, for a better understanding of the terminal letters on a thermostat. 

Tripped safety switch

Another crucial thing to check when your AC system refuses to work is the safety switch, located inside the drain pan. This switch is designed to detect high moisture levels and high system temperatures, thus forcing the air conditioner to stop working in an attempt to prevent serious damage. In case the sensor is turned off, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.


HVAC assistance is always recommended. 

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