Wedding Cake Decorations & Stands For The Ultimate Presentation

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You may have already planned the gown, motif, food for the reception, and photography. However, it’s best to pay more attention to the wedding cake, which will play a significant role in this very important occasion.

In some instances, the cake is a centerpiece that attracts the guests’ attention. Many of the invited people look forward to the ceremonial cutting, and it’s not surprising that many couples wanted to find the perfect cake for this very special event in their lives. Some of the few considerations that you need to know to ensure that you’ll have the ultimate presentation are the following:

Choosing the Right Baker

You need to have not just a lovely cake but also a delicious one. You can go with the recommendations of the couple when you’ve been to their wedding and liked the cake. Maybe, you love how this delicacy was presented because of the metal wedding cakes stands you’ve seen in the reception. Most often, word of mouth can give you the best baker in town, and you’ll get the décor that you love by working and communicating well with the one who will handle the presentation.

If possible, browse through hundreds of designs available online and decide on the flavor that you love. Choose the flowers and the decorations, take pictures, and make a board of the cakes that have taken your interest. This way, the baker will have an idea, and they can sketch the décor that you would want to see on your wedding day.

Understand the Timing of the Creation

Know that the selection and designing process of the cake can take from three to six months. You should never leave anything to chance and hope that some bakers will accommodate your request to the last minute. Read more tips about wedding cakes on this site here.

If you have a super fancy cake surrounded by pastries that you would love to have on your big day, know that everything should be planned accordingly, and nothing should be rushed. The overall colors should match your theme, venue, and dress hues, and wedding scheme that you have chosen.

The Right Size is Important

The number of tiers stands, and size will matter. This is usually depending on the number of guests that you have listed. Decide on the slice size that you would want to give out first. The baker will give you an idea about the number of tiers that can serve a specific number of guests.

Tell the cutters how big the portions should be, and they should slice accordingly. Know that the three tiers can serve up to a hundred people while five tiers can be enough for 200. Column cakes with the right stands can be ideal for couples who don’t want too many tiers. Some columns will make this centerpiece taller, mainly if the venue is located somewhere with a high ceiling.

Consider the Choices of Frosting

You may be married during a warm summer day, and if this is the case, then fondant can be a good choice. If you’re going to have a wedding during the winter seasons, there are buttercream, whipped cream, and meringue that can be ideal for this day because they won’t melt as fast during the hot days.

Those who prefer buttercream no matter what but want to see a look similar to that of fondant should discuss this with their bakers. The pastry maker will have to frost the buttercream over the cake before applying several layers of fondant. Many people will not prefer to eat frostings that will turn their mouths green or blue, so it’s better if you can stick with neutral colors.

Unusual Flavors

It’s perfectly fine to get cakes that have unusual flavors because, after all, there’s no need to please everyone on your wedding day. The cake will reflect you and your significant other. So, unless you want to stick with the classic vanilla because you absolutely love this flavor, it’s best to go with something different, just this once.

For a more affordable cake, you may want to consider the current season that you’re in. Many people will prefer blueberries and strawberries during summer. Citrus blends are also common at this time of the year. If the marriage is going to occur in the fall, pumpkin-themed pastries can be an excellent choice. You can try various flavors on different tiers. Everyone will love it if there’s something for them, but it may complicate the process of serving.

Schedule Tastings

Once you’ve chosen the flavors you want to see on the design, frosting, and filling, it’s crucial never to miss a tasting session. Various flavor combinations will give you an idea about how everything will turn up on the big day. You may want to make trips among the different patisseries in your area. Know that the flavors will vary depending on who baked the cake. Taste everything before committing to a specific baker. 

Designs Should Fit Well

Before deciding on the overall colors, themes, and designs, you need to ensure that they will fit into the general elements of your wedding. If you have a pink theme, then it’s best to have a delicacy or centerpiece filled with the same color of frosting. Add strawberries and a slight hint of chocolates around to make it more fun. 

Use a bigger stand, if possible, to make it attention-grabbing. If you decide on a more floral approach, make sure that these icing flowers will match the lace patterns on your gown or the bouquet that you’re holding to make everything more uniform. Read more about icings here:

Structural Considerations are Important

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Many of the cakes may not work well when you want a specific design for them. As an example, a heavier cake should not have many layers on it as the structure may disintegrate before the event is over. A simple and small one may stack more layers you want, but this is not the case with delicate and light cakes. Separate stands may be needed for you to achieve the ultimate presentation on your big day. 

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