Realtor Norman, OK : Reasons Why You Need A Realtor

When buying and selling a house you may decide to do the work by yourself in order to save the commission paid to the agencies. In the long run these might turn out to be expensive. Selling or purchasing a house is one of the main task in your life. 

Therefore a real estate agent may be very useful when you are selling or buying a home. They help in showing you the house, and arranging the paperwork of the house you are interested in. 

For best services, you can checkout JoAnne Stiles. With that said, here are a few reasons why you might need to work with a realtor.

  • They are more convenience

They act as a link between the seller and the buyer. This is possible because the can easily access the properties listed by other agents. Both the seller’s and buyer’s agents do the legwork having the knowledge of what is needed so as to secure a deal together. 

They will help you get a house that meet your needs and wants, they contact the seller’s agent, then book an appointment for you to go and have a look at the home.

In the case where you are buying a house on your own, you will have to do all that work by yourself. 

While doing that you might experience some hardships especially if you are directly dealing with the owner of the property. It is similar, if you want to sell your property without the help of an expertise. 

You will be the one to answer phone calls, provide answers to their questions and also schedule their appointment. You should keep in mind that any interested buyer can move on in case you are too busy or your response is not fast enough.

  • They help in negotiations

Most people tend to think that a direct negotiation between a seller and a buyer is more transparent and it puts your interests first. This is true in most cases in case the two parties can get along. 

As a buyer, if you like a home but you dislike some of its features, you can inform your representative. The agent will then negotiate with the current owner on the amount of money it will cost you to upgrade the house. 

They act as messengers. They are in a better position to bargain for a discount without insulting the owner. They also hinder any bad blood between the two parties which could destroy a deal. They speak for you in a difficult transaction and prevent things from getting very personal. 

As a seller. It can be to your advantage when an agent speaks for their needs without offending a potential buyer who wish to nit-pick about the price. Follow this link to see more advantages 

  • Difficulties in handling a contract

When buying or selling a property, you can purchase a contract which protects you. It makes sure that you can back down from the deal when some conditions are not met. 

In the case where you want to purchase a house with a mortgage but you are not able to make financing one of the circumstances for sale and you are not approved of the loan. 

In this case you will lose your deposit and you could face law charges from the seller because of not fulfilling your end of contract.

A broker deals with similar conditions and contracts so often. They are familiar with the conditions to be used and they know when it is safe to be cancelled. They also know how the contract can protect you if you are selling or buying a home.

  • Not everyone can save money

Most people want nothing to do with an agent in order to save their money. However, you should remember that it is not likely that both the seller and the buyer will gain from the advantage of not having to pay a commission. 

For example, when selling your home by yourself, the price will be based on the selling price of other proportionate properties in your area. It means that you will keep the amount of the house sale price which could have been paid to the agent.

However, a buyer who want to buy a home sold by the owner may think that they will save some money if a broker is not involved. Nevertheless, unless a seller and a buyer agrees to share the savings, they both cannot save the commission. Click here to see  a few tips you could use when looking for an agent.


Most people are qualified to sell their own home. However, it is not a simple process having to examine the long list of common questions found on the website for sale by owner. It is really beneficial to have an expert by your side when get in a difficult situation.

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