Short on cash? Tips on keeping your car tiptop without the price tag

Money makes the world go round – or it at least helps you enjoy life a little more if not! Not all of us are blessed with lots of cash to spend on whatever we like though. By the time bills are paid and food is bought, it can often leave little in the pot for other things. This makes being able to make your money go further and work harder for you key. This is certainly true when it comes to looking after your car. We all know how expensive autos can be to run at times, and certain things such as fuel are hard to cut back on in terms of cost.

This may leave you thinking that keeping your car in top condition is something that only those with lots of spare money can do. This is just not true though! Even those who are short on cash can complete simple car maintenance jobs that do not cost a fortune. By doing these sorts of tasks, you can still ensure that your beloved motor looks its best and runs well.

But what can you do to look after your car when money is tight?  

Try cheaper car waxing alternatives

Car waxing has been a staple of car detailing for what seems like forever. Shifts in modern technology though have begun to see traditional ways of doing it become a little outdated. When it comes to saving money, the same is true. Paying someone to wax your car can cost hundreds of dollars each time and only last a few months. Even doing it yourself will cost lots in buying all the products you need and the time you spend on doing it regularly. 

The best of the alternative options when it comes to waxing a car are products such as Pearl Nano by Shine Armor. These sorts of products wash, shine and protect your car all at the same time and last for ages! This is great if you are short on cash as you only have to buy one product to use and it will last for much longer until running out.  

Tidy up the inside 

Another great money-saving tip to keep your car looking great is simply to tidy it up! So many of us use our autos as dumping grounds for rubbish, clothes and other assorted clutter. This can really make your car look bad though and actually make you embarrassed to own it. To make sure that your auto remains in top shape, give it a good tidy out and then wipe down the dashboard with a clean cloth. Some people even use a little olive oil on the cloth for best results. If you then make the effort to keep it like this, your car will feel like new. The best thing about this tip for those short on cash is that it will hardly cost you anything at all!

Take care of common maintenance jobs at home 

You may think that many car maintenance jobs that keep your car running well need completing at a garage. If you do not have lots of cash spare to pay the bills, this may mean that you leave key maintenance tasks to drift. This is a mistake, however – not only because it will harm your car’s condition in the long term but also as it is not true. There are some common tasks you could handle at home to keep your car in great shape – most are simple and cheap to do. Common examples of what we mean are things such as changing wiper blades, switching out air filters and inflating tires yourself. By doing these jobs personally, you are saving money on paying someone else to do them while also looking after your auto.

Give the tires a clean 

This is an inexpensive way to keep family cars and other autos looking amazing. Not many people think to give their tires attention when cleaning their car, but it can really have a big impact on the condition. There are some great products out now that are simply sprayed on tires and wiped off to leave a glossy, showroom-style finish behind. They are not expensive either and so still enable you to buy them if you’re on a budget. Of course, if you prefer, you can stick to giving them a good old wash with a clean cloth or spraying down with a hose. 

Money is no barrier to car care 

As the above tips show, being a little short on cash does not mean that you have to forget about keeping your car in good shape. There are some very effective things you can do still that do not cost lots and will deliver superb results. This is great news for anyone who loves their car and wants to keep it looking awesome.

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