The Alternative Travel Guide: 5 Alternative Ways to Travel.

Are you bored with the standard holiday arrangements including booking a flight, hotel and various attractions in the destination of your choice? Is the next holiday just not looking that exciting?

You’ll be happy to learn that with a few tweaks to your routine, you’ll enjoy an amazing time on your next trip.

Spice things up a bit by adding any one of the following ideas to your holiday plan.

Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats are the perfect place to relax after a year of hard work. You’d think they’re all extremely pricey, but the truth is you can enjoy the luxury of a marvellous yoga resort without going over budget. You’ll reach a Zen mood and stay calm about not overspending.

Enjoy wonderful and healthy organic food, restore your energy levels through yoga, listen to relaxing music and meditate. Center yourself before you return to the chaos of your daily life.

Search online for yoga retreats in places like Costa Rica, Mexico, Indonesia, and the US. Look over the reviews offered by tourists who’ve visited the resorts to get a clear image of what you can enjoy.

Archaeological Digs

You don’t have to be an expert archaeologist to enjoy some adventure and help uncover the ancient past. Bring out the Indiana Jones in you and get down and dirty digging up the pre-historic world. Many companies specializing in archaeological digs require volunteer help to get more work done faster.

It’s a form of educating the population about the importance of history and a great marketing tool. Check online for archaeological sites where your help would be welcome and get into the trenches yourself. You can choose to rent a car or scooter to get around the sites quicker. Stay safe and get covered by One Sure Insurance which offers insurance policies for anybody who deals with vehicles. Incidents are always possible around archaeological sites and you want to be covered.


Traveling to areas with refugee camps and offering your help will actively engage you in the worldwide humanitarian movement. You’ll be helping people in need. Regardless of your skills and where your strengths lie, your help is always welcome. Volunteer your services and at the end of the day, you’ll notice tremendous self-growth. Shift your attention from yourself to others and it’ll help you become a better version of you. It all starts with your mindset and ends with the actions you take. Decide to live a life useful to others and you’ll be proud of what you can achieve.

Childcare Work

To continue along the path of volunteering you can also pick up childcare work. Take a couple of weeks off work to care for toddlers and kids while their parents are on holiday. You can research various resorts which require staff for the childcare services they offer for families who are visiting. Taking care of children is a wonderful way to relax and help parents enjoy some quiet time.

Environmental Conservation

Get involved in educating the rest of the population about the huge negative effects of greenhouse gas emissions, unrecyclable products, and carbon dioxide. Reach out to various environmental institutions and organizations which periodically schedule educational conferences and offer your help. Visit countries with high pollution rates and actively participate in the various campaigns to fight for the environment. By protecting the environment, you’re protecting your future.

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