What Should I Wear for My Engagement Photos?

Your engagement photo outfit will likely depict your personality and the style of your wedding—if you’re planning a boho-chic wedding, then your engagement photos should match that theme. Whereas if you’re planning an elaborate, upscale wedding, then your engagement photos may be on the fancier end.

The main focus of most engagement photos is the engagement ring—the photographer will most likely take a variety of photos that are close-ups of your hand to show off your ring. Since the engagement ring is typically chosen by and gifted from your significant other, it may be a good idea to point them in the right direction of where to purchase a ring before even asking the big question. If you’re located in Ohio, then you’re in luck, as there are plenty of options for purchasing engagement rings in Avon Lake, OH—with one of the top jewelry stores being Peter & Co. Jewelers. This jeweler consists of a friendly staff that will ensure your partner chooses the perfect ring.


Choose the perfect season.

Once you have your ring picked out and are ready to take engagement photos, it’s important to choose which season you want to take these photos during, as that will determine what style to wear. Spring could provide some great scenery for engagement photos—nature will be in full bloom and the temperature will likely be comfortable for an array of outfits.

If your photos take place on a warm spring day, then you can opt for a cute sundress or romper, whereas if the day ends up being on the chillier side, then you can layer up a bit. If you decide to take your pictures during the summer, you’ll be able to use summery locations like the beach or a lake. If you choose this route for your photos, then you’ll likely have a more casual style suited for a hot day. Summer engagement photos call for sundresses and flowing skirts, as well as bare feet and sun hats.

Taking engagement photos in the fall means autumnal colors and endless accessory options, as well as backgrounds with a variety of colorful leaves. Winter photos can mean snowflake-filled images with winter accessories like a pom-pom hat or a beautiful fur coat. Whatever season you choose to take your photos during, be sure to embrace it and allow for the charm of that season to resonate in your pictures.


Prepare for the weather.

You have to be prepared for unpredictable weather changes and be willing to improvise with whatever it is that Mother Nature gives you. Once you set the date for your engagement photos to be taken, you should be prepared with two outfit choices: Your preferred outfit, if you’re lucky enough to have perfect weather that day, and a backup outfit that could be more weather-friendly, yet still stylish. For example, if it rains on your selected date, then be prepared with an umbrella and some cute rain boots.


Coordinate your outfits.

While you don’t want to go overboard with matching your partner, it is important to make sure that the colors in your outfits complement one another. You and your partner should be wearing similar themes. For example, if you want a casual photo, then you should both look the part. But if you want something slightly more upscale, you should make sure you both fall within that category. Additionally, make sure to avoid clashing patterns, as that could take away from the overall picture.


Don’t forget to accessorize.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize for your photos. Accessories can help depict your personalities through the photo, and since engagement photos are supposed to be an expression of your relationship, you want your personalities to be seen. If you or your partner typically rock a fedora, try to incorporate one into your photos. But be sure not to wear anything that you wouldn’t normally wear, going over the top with your accessories could suppress your actual personality and you won’t get your desired results.


Choose the clothing you love wearing.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you must make sure that you are comfortable in your outfit. You don’t want to spend what should be an exciting day in clothes that make you feel uncomfortable. Try on your outfit ahead of time to make sure that it fits. For example, if you know that you’re more comfortable shopping in the petites section at a clothing store, then you should shop at Chico’s, as they have a wide range of stylish and comfortable petite sizes that would be perfect for your engagement photos.

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