What To Consider When Buying AR Scopes With Red Dot Combo?

Are you a hunting enthusiast? If yes, you must be aware of the importance of precision when aiming at a target. Being armed with top-notch firearms isn’t enough for most hunters, as shooting at a large distance is known to be extremely challenging.

Nevertheless, firearms can be equipped with red dot scopes, referring to lightweight aiming devices for better precision. These accessories come in a variety of sizes, styles, battery types, and reticle dimensions.

When shopping for a scope red dot combo model, these are the main factors to consider.


The initial factor to consider is the size of the weapon. The dimensions of these aiming devices vary in accordance with the type of weapon you own. When looking for a red dot optic for a pistol, buyers are advised to choose a miniature model. Although some series of handguns can be equipped with larger scopes, most pistols work best with small-sized models.

In contrast, shotguns and rifles require red dot scopes with bigger dimensions. The users of these firearms won’t benefit from purchasing a miniature optic due to the small reticle and short battery life. Keep in mind that long firearms require models with large reticles for better precision, along with excellent battery longevity.


The next consideration when looking for a red dot scope is the style of this aiming device. Buyers are provided with a choice of two styles, either the open or the tube design. The former is also known as the window design because of its shape of a window. In the case of tube-style models, shooters look at their target through a cylinder, whereas the open design enables them to look through a small window shaped like a square.

Moreover, the window design is believed to provide shooters with a wider horizon, causing no obstructions in their vision. These devices tend to be more compact, lightweight, and don’t attract too much attention. Conversely, the models with tube design are heavier when compared to those with an open design. Nevertheless, this style provides better protection, which in turn makes tube scopes more durable. Go to this page to learn more about the sizes, types, and uses of red dot sights.

Battery life

In order to use your optic for longer periods of time, it should be equipped with a battery with a long lifespan. The type of battery is important as well, as some models can only be purchased online, not from local stores. Therefore, make sure you look for a model with a battery that is available both online and locally.

In terms of longevity, different red dot optics contain batteries of various lifespans, some of which allow shooters to use them for weeks. Nevertheless, not all shooters require devices with the same battery longevity. For instance, hunters don’t use their scopes at all times, while military service members need red dot optics with long battery life.

Reticle size

One of the vital factors to consider when buying such an optic is the size of the reticle, which is measured in MOA (A Minute of Angle). Reticles of one MOA have a diameter of an inch, suitable for aiming at targets at a distance of 100 yards. Those with a 2-inch diameter are designed for pointing firearms at targets that are approximately 200 yards away.

Additionally, small-sized reticles are convenient for shooters who require greater precision when shooting at long distances. These dots cause no obstructions when aiming at a target, which makes them ideal for long-distance shots. Nevertheless, when hunting on incredibly bright days, shooters might experience difficulties in finding the reticle.

Large reticles, on the other hand, are more visible regardless of the weather conditions. However, these are believed to provide less precision, particularly when shooting at longer ranges. Due to their size, these red dots can easily obstruct the horizon of shooters. For further guidance on scope reticles, make sure you visit the following link, https://www.womenandguns.com/understanding-scope-reticles/.

Final thoughts

Investing in a red dot optic is paramount for a hunting enthusiast. Make sure you choose the right style and reticle size.

Don’t let distance impede you from shooting your target!

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